Program Options

MSU Denver offers a wide range of program types which vary in disciplines, credit options, destinations, costs, duration, and student support.

MSU Denver Faculty-Led

  • Students take unique courses, led by our faculty. These are short term abroad experiences which last 10 days – 6 weeks during school’s academic breaks. Students earn MSU Denver course credit.

MSU Denver Sponsored – Exchanges

  • Students enroll in regular classes at our partner universities abroad for a semester. Coursework can be taken with students from the host country or with other international students. Most universities have set courses taught in English. Students earn transfer credit that works directly towards their degree plan.

MSU Denver Sponsored – Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) Grants

  • This initiative from the European Commission supports the international exchange of students, academics, ideas, and good practice between cooperating institutions. This competitive program provides funding for students from specific academic departments to spend a semester at one of our partner universities. These opportunities vary annually.

MSU Denver Approved – Direct Enrollment

  • Students enroll in regular classes at our partner universities abroad for a semester or yearlong. Some schools have summer options as well. Coursework can be taken with students from the host country and with other international students. Courses are taught in English. Students earn transfer credit that works directly towards their degree plan.

MSU Denver Affiliated Program Providers

  • These programs expand the selection of opportunities available to students by allowing enrollment in numerous universities and programs around the world. Students can be enrolled for yearlong, semester, summer or winterim terms.  Students receive transfer credit that can work towards their degree plans.

MSU Denver Approved Internship, Service-Learning

  • Experiential learning programs through host institutions, organizations, or affiliated providers offer hands-on opportunities abroad. Most programs are for credit; however, there are some exceptions.

MSU Denver Approved Specialty

  • There are a variety of unique international experiences offered through affiliated providers & government organizations focusing on a range of topics from critical languages to leadership, to UN Sustainability Goals.

Remote Study Abroad

  • Virtual study abroad programs are online experiences that connect you with international opportunities and infuses your educational experience with a global foundation. Just as in a traditional study abroad program, you’ll take courses from instructors who are experts in the field and often are on the ground in the location you are learning about. You’ll learn about a new culture, immersing yourself in a new language, and connect with people around the globe. While you may not be able to wander the winding streets of a new city, you can still gain meaningful cultural experiences, and often at a fraction of the cost. In some cases, you’ll have the option to add on a shortened travel experience.

Non-Approved Programs

  • If students cannot find a program out of our catalog, they may look for their own experience. Students are encouraged to share their plans with a study abroad advisor so that they can learn about accreditation, possible credit transfer and funding options.

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Faculty Led Courses


BIO 400C Biology Field Experience, Tropical Field Biology

Dr. Christy Carello & Dr. Jennifer Gagliardi-Seeley

Winterim 2023

[email protected] Learn More

Study Abroad Human Performance & Sport

Dr. Colleen Colles

Spring Break 2023

[email protected]

Study Abroad Human Services

Dr. Patrick Griswold

Spring Break 2023

[email protected]
Perugia, Italy

BVG 4633 Wine & Food and BVG 3683 Beer & Spirits

Dr. Michael Wray and Dr. Bernardo Alatorre

Summer 2024

[email protected]
Buenos Aires (2)

Global Business Management in Thailand & Vietnam

Dr. Angelica Bahl

Maymester/Summer 2024

[email protected]

Culture, Communication, and Identity in Japan

Dr. Rebecca Forgash

Maymester/Summer 2023

[email protected] Learn More

Understanding Place, Space, and the Creation of Identity: The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Dr. Lunden MacDonald

Summer 2024

[email protected]

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Grants

Sponsored Programs


Erasmus+ Scholarship

University of Pecs

Pecs, Hungary

Kaunas City, Lithuania.

Erasmus+ Scholarship

Lithuania Sports University

Kaunas, Lithuania

Malaga Stadium

Erasmus+ Scholarship

Universidad de Malaga

Malaga, Spain

Reykjavic Bay. Iceland.

Semester Exchange - Department of Psychology

Reykjavik University

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dortmund Tower

Semester Exchange - College of Business

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences

Dortmund, Germany - coming soon


Semester Exchange - College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo, Japan - coming soon

Affiliate Providers

Academic Programs International [API]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile
  • Europe: Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland Scotland, Spain,
  • Asia/Middle East: Bhutan, China, United Arab Emirates
  • South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

American Institute for Foreign Study [AIFS]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador
  • Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain
  • Asia: Japan
  • South Pacific: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand
  • Multi-country

Arcos Learning Abroad 

  • Americas: Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina
  • Europe: Spain

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience [BSAE]

  • Europe: Spain

Council On International Educational Exchange Open Campus  [CIEE]

  • Americas: Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile
  • Europe: Ireland, England, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Asia: China, Japan, Singapore
  • South Pacific: Australia

Cultural Experiences Abroad [CEA]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile,
  • Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands
  • Africa: South Africa

Center for International Studies [CIS] 

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
  • Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Spain
  • Asia: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand
  • Multi-country

International Business Seminars [IBS Tours]

  • Europe: multi-city
  • Asia: multi-city

International Studies Abroad [ISA]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia,
  • Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands
  • Africa: Morocco, South Africa

Knowledge Exchange Institute [KEI]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru
  • Europe: Ireland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Russia
  • Africa: Kenya
  • Asia/Middle East: China, India, Japan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
  • South Pacific: Australia

The Education Abroad Network [TEAN]

  • Asia: China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • South Pacific: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand

University Studies Abroad Consortium [USAC]

  • Americas: Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, Uruguay
  • Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden
  • Africa: Ghana, South America
  • Asia/Middle East: India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Thailand
  • South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

Semester at Sea Abroad

  • Multi-destinatio

School for Field Studies [SFS]

  • Americas: Costa Rica, Panama, Turks & Caicos, Chile, Peru
  • Africa: Kenya, Tanzania
  • Asia/Middle East: Bhutan, Cambodia
  • South Pacific: Australia

School for International Training [SIT]

  • Americas: Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Europe: Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland,
  • Africa: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, South America, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda
  • Asia: china, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Vietnam
  • Middle East: Jordan
  • South Pacific: Australia, Samoa
  • Multi-country

Critical Language Scholarship Programs

Boren Map

Boren Awards

Boren Scholars and Fellows study a wide range of critical languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and Swahili. Boren Awards are available to students of all proficiency levels who are committed to enhancing their skills.

Boren Details

Critical Language Scholarship

Summer study abroad opportunity for American college and university students to learn languages essential to America’s engagement with the world.

CLS Details

Specialty Programs


Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

This Fellowship is developed for students of color and selection is in the spirit of Douglass himself with special emphasis on leadership, social justice, agitation for positive change and cross-cultural understanding.

FD Fellowship Details

Innovation Lab

Work with a team of 4-6 peers to build essential skills of cross-cultural teamwork and collaboration, concept design, and to develop innovative business solutions to global challenges leveraging the UN Global Goals as a blueprint for understanding global problems that need solving.

API Innovation Lab Details

Career Semester

Engage in a live skill-development bootcamp followed by an international internship. giving them the career-boosting experience they need. This remote skills-training program is for students of all majors, created to accelerate students' careers in a rapidly changing job landscape.

ISA Career Details

Remote/Virtual Experiences