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Major in Statistical Science at MSU Denver

A degree in Statistical Science is useful in a variety of professional fields including but not limited to biostatistics, health sciences, data science, business analytics, and econometrics.  Students are invited to consult with department faculty concerning career options.

All Majors in Statistical Science are required to complete the courses listed below with a required minimum grade of “C-” in each course and minimum overall GPA of 2.00 in these courses. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

Majors in Statistical Science are required to complete a minor unless they are a dual major or a major receiving a concurrent or second degree.  Majors in Statistical Science are not allowed to minor in Mathematics. Students who wish to double major in Statistical Science and a major that requires a Mathematics Minor must consult a faculty advisor. A double major in Statistical Science and Mathematics is not allowed.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver

MSU Denver’s Bachelor of Science degree program in Statistical offers an affordable, top-quality education. And with a passionate faculty of Statistical teacher-scholars dedicated to helping you get the most from your academic experience, you’ll thrive in this diverse, urban learning environment.

Here are some examples of opportunities you will receive as an MSU Denver Statistical Science major:

Participate in Statistical Science undergraduate research or guided, individual studies. In recent years, students have developed projects in specialized topics such as the following:

  • Statistical modeling of E. coli contamination of waters in the local creek system to help determine the source of contamination

The field has also experienced a surge in female data scientists and statisticians, indicating a potential for this proposed major to increase gender representation in MSU Denver’s STEM disciplines.

Featured Faculty

Elizabeth RibbleElizabeth Ribble

Professor Elizabeth Ribble is a member of the Probability and Statistics group and a popular teacher of all classes in that concentration. Her research involves statistical analysis of very large data sets for medical-related studies. She has been collaborating with a team of medical researchers in the Netherlands, and her work epitomizes the interdisciplinary nature of applied statistics.


Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

Graduates of our program now have stronger statistical skills than ever and are experiencing success in graduate-level programs and in our current, competitive job market. Government reports and other publications have predicted a rapid growth in statistics jobs and have emphasized the importance of statistics for today’s graduate with respect to both job availability and income level.

The workforce demand for employees with data acumen and statistical prowess has surged; a degree in statistics can translate into more opportunities for students in high-earning potential careers such as:

  • Actuary
  • Biostatistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Market Researcher
  • Statistician
  • Operational Researcher
  • Economist
  • SAS Programmer


Alumni at Work

MSU Denver alumni who earn a degree in Statistical Science enter the workforce well-prepared to make an immediate impact. Employers such as Mercer and S&P Global appreciate our graduates because of their sharp analytical and problem-solving skills. Here are just a few alumni success stories:

  • Brenda Veik (MSU Denver ’02) is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a senior actuary for Annuity Valuation at Great West Financial
  • Rory Flynn (MSU Denver ’15) is a statistical programmer and research associate at BBC Research and Consulting, where he analyzes data for economic and social studies
  • Sarah Zeggert (MSU Denver ’14) is an actuarial analyst at Mercer
  • Sophia Mahmood (MSU Denver ’15), formerly a data analyst forecasting coal supply and demand at S&P Global Platts, is now a senior energy modeler at Energy Ventures Analysis

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