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The School of Education offers a variety of programs that will help you transform the lives of children, pre-school through high school.  Click the buttons below to learn more!


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Check out the MSU Denver Leadership Panel

Check out the recording of the MSU Denver Leadership Panel from February 2021, with panelist Dr. Ofelia Schepers from the Department of Elementary Education and Literacy.  Leading Through Extraordinary Times highlighted MSU Denver’s value of inclusive leadership and recognized that staff and faculty members lead on all levels.  The panel included leaders in various roles across campus, including President Janine Davidson, Ph.D. The panelists responded to questions submitted by Roadrunners to gain insight on inclusive, transformational, and servant leadership during extraordinary times.

Dr. Sandra Leu Bonanno talks Elementary Education

Check out this 2-part interview of Dr. Sandra Leu Bonanno, who discusses the MSU Denver Elementary Education program with Admissions Counselor Luz Castaneda.

Watch on Facebook:

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

Screen capture of Zoom interview between Luz Castaneda of Admissions and Sandra Leu Bonanno of Elementary Education and Literacy

View the Recording of Dean Hinde's Fireside Chat

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Click the image above to view the recording!

A Statement from the Colorado Council of Deans of Education

July 2nd, 2020

The Colorado Council of Deans of Education (CCODE) is a collaborative group of deans and college/university leaders responsible for educator preparation in four-year higher education institutions across the state of Colorado. We meet regularly to address issues and exchange knowledge with each other and our state partners about the preparation of educators. We are a state chapter of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).

Our institutions share a commitment to preparing educators who promote the values of diversity, equity, and justice in their work. This statement reflects our shared values and our renewed commitment to the development and enactment of policies and practices that address anti-Black racism. We believe a diversified teaching profession – that hold an understanding of and commitment to equity, equality, and antiracist beliefs and practices – is critical to the education of current and future generations of students.

As a community of educator preparation providers, we are committed to moving beyond words to action. We will work to ensure that our schools and colleges are better able to address and to prevent further anti-Black violence. While each institution will take action in different and unique ways, CCODE is committed to just and equitable schooling practices. Over the course of the next year, we will engage with community and education leaders to hear and address their concerns around anti-Black violence and racism. We will also devote time in each of our meetings to share strategies and actions we are taking in our institutions, as well as related outcomes and impacts.

As we move forward, we commit to reflecting on, and when needed, effecting change at the interpersonal, the institutional, the legislative, and the ideological level. 

At the interpersonal level, we commit to anti-racist education that addresses anti-Blackness and other forms of racism and oppression. We will work with our faculty to challenge anti-Blackness and dismantle white supremacy in our research, teaching, daily operations, and community engagement. In doing so, we call for our educator preparation programs to include and center Black voices and Black lives in reading materials and lessons. Resources to educate ourselves and our students on institutionalized racism and white supremacy can be found here.

At the institutional level, as colleges, schools, and departments of education, we acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and commit to continually examine our interactions and to the extent possible, to draw on the framework developed by the Education Deans for Justice and Equity (EDJE). This framework – developed by Colleges and Schools of Education across the US – provides a tool for organizing collective action for justice, from hiring practices to funding strategies and ways of working in solidarity with communities to advance racial justice. We commit to using this framework or a similar tool to help us put our values into practice and engage in ongoing, critical analysis of how power and privilege work in our organizations. We acknowledge the anti-Black racism and daily violence that students experience in our institutions and we commit to listening and working to change the structures that support and sustain a climate and culture of inequity.

At the state and national levels, we will support and advocate for legislation that works to reduce systemic and structural racism that has historically impeded the diversification of the teacher education profession.

At the ideological level, we will develop practices that enable us to center Black voices and perspectives and to appreciate Black brilliance.

We acknowledge that we have a long way to go to reach our collective goal of becoming anti-racist educators and institutions. We are committed to working together and learning from one another to reach this goal.

School of Education

A Statement from the Dean, June 4th, 2020

Elizabeth R. Hinde, Professor and Dean


Like so many of you, I have been, angry, frustrated, and deeply saddened by the events of this past week. Also, like so many of you, I have received and read countless statements expressing condemnation of the actions and people who killed George Floyd and of the perpetuation of outrageous acts that have ended the lives of so many others. We are once again witnesses to the violent disregard for human life that has resulted from systemic racism and the overall systems of oppression that are endemic to our society. While I share the anger and frustration that our students, faculty, staff, families, and other loved ones are feeling, I have found that I am at a loss for meaningful words.

But I am not at a loss for the feeling of a need for action. I am not at a loss for taking ownership of the problem and for owning a sense of personal and professional responsibility for the educational inequities of the past and our failure to truly change the structural racism in education (PreK through higher ed), presently and onward. While I, and the whole School of Education community, condemns the recent violent and shameful acts, and we stand in solidarity with everyone who is working against the racist and oppressive systems that caused the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmed Arbery, Elijah McClain, Marvin Booker, and countless others, the time has come to stop talking and start living the words we speak.

The faculty and staff of the School of Education created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement and we proudly have it posted on our website. It reads, in part:

We acknowledge the present and historical systems of oppression and marginalization that permeate all levels of society and believe these structures of power and privilege need to be deeply understood by all members of our SOE community. We are committed to actively dismantling these systems and barriers within our SOE. We seek to create an environment that invites honest and respectful dialogue, treats community members with dignity and respect, and manage tensions and differing viewpoints with thoughtful engagement, conversation and inquiry.

The time has come to live these words. Now is the time for the “honest and respectful dialogue” and the “dignity and respect” that we purport. I, as dean, and all the other leaders of the SOE have a responsibility to enforce and ensure that these statements are more than lip service. Each one of us has the responsibility to enact these words in everything we do. This is not the time for just the leaders to give lofty speeches and provide deep insights. It is the time for each of us to enact what we say we believe. In our teaching, in our committee work, in our interactions with students and each other, in our phone calls and emails, in our planning for next semester, in our research, in everything. We can make small structural changes to our curriculum and teaching. We can tweak assignments and change textbooks and even provide space to talk about such things in our classes and meetings. All of that is great and encouraged. But all of that is meaningless if we are not the people we want our students to be. We must be the teachers and leaders they need and teach them how to be the teachers and leaders their future students and all children need. Let’s be the people our DEI statement says we are.

Elizabeth R. Hinde
Professor and Dean
School of Education
Metropolitan State University of Denver

3/17/20: Message to Our Students Regarding COVID-19

School of Education Students,

The School of Education faculty and staff are here for you, and please rest assured that the disruption to clinical experiences (field placements, student teaching, residency) will not delay completion of your program as long as you successfully engage with the required coursework and alternate assignments and assessment provided by your course instructor/supervisor(s).

It is important that you are checking your MSU Denver email for important communications relating to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on course delivery, field experience, student teaching/residency, advising, and other services and components relating to your program.

Between March 11th and March 13th 2020, we sent various communications to specific populations of students admitted to School of Education programs.  Further updates are expected, so please continue monitoring your email.

If you have any questions about your field experience this spring, please contact your field experience course instructor.

If you have any questions about your student teaching or residency this spring, please contact your student teaching or residency supervisor.

If you have any other general questions, please contact us at


Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, our offices will be closed to the public, and only critical employees will be on campus.  All teaching and advising services will be offered remotely until further notice.  Please do not come to campus if you do not need to. 

Visit our page for an update on remote advising procedures. 

Students, please make sure you are checking your MSU Denver email regularly and communicating with your instructors as needed.



Dear Roadrunner Community,

I am writing to let you know that beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16, there will be no in-person, on-campus classes for MSU Denver students. However, online classes will continue and the campus will remain open for limited operations. We believe this action will best support our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining social distance, and it will allow our faculty and staff more time to effectively prepare for the March 30 deadline to transition to online course delivery for the remainder of the semester.

Students: Please contact your instructors and other faculty members with any questions or concerns you might have, and please check your email frequently. Many faculty have already transitioned to remote course delivery while others are in the middle of this process and will soon be finished. During this time, we also encourage you to check the University’s COVID-19 website and social media for regular updates. The MSU Denver community of faculty, staff and administrators are here for you!
Staff and Administrators: On Friday, we also announced a liberal remote-work policy that allows for appropriate social distancing to support the health and wellness of our employees, while still fulfilling the MSU Denver mission. We encourage you to work with your supervisor tomorrow to determine next steps as we strive to further limit our overall on-campus presence in the coming week.

I want to thank everyone for your ongoing patience as we continue to manage and respond to COVID-19. This is an unprecedented situation for our community and the world and no one has all of the answers. But the efforts of our staff, faculty and students during these extraordinary times have been remarkable and I could not be prouder.

Know that the University is committed to placing the health, safety and well-being of our people first. Please continue to take care of yourselves, your families and each other during the coming weeks as we face these challenges together.


Janine Davidson, Ph.D.


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Testimonials (click here to access full page):

"Our partnership with MSU Denver's School of Education is a critical factor in our tiered professional development at Peak to Peak. Our teachers value the opportunity to mentor pre-service teachers, and their ongoing discussions of the art and craft of teaching help both the master teachers and the Metro students grow and develop. The partnership between our schools makes everyone better, which positively impacts student achievement and helps keep our school at the forefront of new teachers' minds when it comes time to seek jobs. We are delighted to partner with MSU Denver in doing this important work."
- Megan Freeman, Director of Professional Development at Peak to Peak Charter School

"This program is designed to push future educators to think in ways in which students are taught life long lessons everyday within the classrooms. To be honest, I feel like MSU Denver has prepared me to feel confident when helping students be successful not only in the classroom, but in the real world as well."
- Maggi Gomez, K-12 Foreign Language Teacher (Spanish)

"All of my professors were not only able but willing to work with me on an individual basis. When it was time for me to do my student teaching I felt like I had someone else in my corner to support me and help me outside of the classroom."
- Philip Ouellette, Secondary Social Studies Teacher

"The program definitely prepared me for a career. I felt confident that I knew the best practices for students and was hired after my first interview. At MSU Denver, my class sizes were small so we were able to discuss ideas and actually knew our professors instead of just being a warm body in a large room. I was able to get field experience hours with helpful feedback/constructive criticism from my professors and cooperating teachers. I feel that the education program is very intensive and that graduates enter the "real world" qualified as well as enthusiastic."
- Sasha Kern, Secondary English Teacher

"I appreciate the program at MSU Denver because of the dedication of the professors, the small class sizes, and the relevancy of the work. I had several incredible former classroom teachers who went above and beyond to not only make learning happen, but to help with student teaching and finding a job. There were never more than twenty to twenty–five students in a class, and the work that we did everyday was immediately applicable in the classroom and led to meaningful learning."
- Robert Hultman, Secondary English Teacher

"I was instructed in the VALUE of empathy and the enormous impact everything we do or say in the classroom has on our students. MSU instilled in me a selfless desire to improve the lives of my students, and for that I am eternally grateful."
- Jason Warren, Secondary English Teacher

"I loved going through the Teacher Education program at MSU Denver for so many reasons: we had awesome professors who were overflowing with helpful advice; we were able to have teacher education courses in both the education department and English department; and the teacher community at MSU is one that stays with you even after you leave the university. I’ve found that I am tremendously more prepared for my career than many others who went through different programs, and I am so thankful I ended up at MSU!"
- Robin Romero, Secondary English Teacher

"I was told, just a few weeks into my student teaching, that the way I handled the classroom, I appeared as though I had been teaching for years instead of weeks. It is only because of MSU Denver's amazing program that I feel prepared enough as a teacher to have the confidence I do in the classroom. I could not have asked for a better training and I have no doubt I will be successful because of how well all of my professors prepared me."
- Marlana Ernst, Secondary English Teacher

"MSU Denver gave me the confidence to excel in such an amazing, rewarding profession."
- Elizabeth Miner, Physical Education Teacher, 2014 Colorado Teacher of the Year

"Metropolitan State University of Denver's rigorous education program assisted me in becoming a leader in my industry by providing me with the training to be organized, have focused and clear goals, and understand how to address the variety of needs and personalities of those in my business. Dr. Bernhardt and Dr. Reimer in particular were inspirational in their ability to teach by example and be open minded about every student's opinions."
- Ben Hornick, Secondary Social Studies Teacher

"The Art Education Program at MSU Denver prepared me in a way that I believe no other program could. The rigor and individualized feedback provided me with necessary tools to successfully teach in the art classroom. "
- Jesse Bott, Art Teacher

"This program prepared me for my teaching job better than I could have ever imagined. The professors teach with a wealth of real world experience who are dedicated to their practice and their students."
- Danielle Fries, Physical Education Teacher

"Teaching kindergarten in a Title I school with a large population of language learners comes with challenges, but I feel well prepared after graduating from MSU Denver's M.A.T. program. My education was so connected to what I now experience on a daily basis; I am still reflecting on coursework and conversations with professors to help me think about my teaching approach every single day."
- Betsy Maletz, Master of Arts in Teaching, Kindergarten Teacher, North Star Elementary

"MSU Denver allows you to be who you are and gives you the wings to enjoy the journey while embracing that journey with a diverse community of people from all walks of life who will someday “make the difference” in a child’s life by teaching, inspiring and motivating."
- Lisa Nolan, MSU Denver Alum & Principal at Lasley Elementary

"MSU Denver is so affordable that both [my husband] and I graduated debt-free, thanks to internal and external scholarships. The quality of the English education classes was exceptional, with professors passionate about their subject area, content, and students. Personally, I am still in contact with English teachers who I collaborated with during student teaching. Teaching English to seniors at LHS, I always highly recommend MSU Denver because of the reasonable tuition, quality of education, and the diversity of the student population."
- Hannah Hilbert, MSU Denver Alum & English Teacher at Lakewood High School

"I enjoyed meeting and working with everyone I came in contact with throughout my years at MSU Denver. I thrived in being immersed in the school setting during the field practicum and student teaching experiences since it was hands-on learning. I am proud of the solid education I earned at MSU Denver."
- Matthew Hilbert, MSU Denver Alum & Principal at Peck Elementary

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at MSU and gained so much from attending here. I have and continue to recommend the EDU/EDUM program to others."
- Alyson Wells, MSU Denver Alum

"When I was a student at MSU Denver, I was extremely impressed with the quality of professors that I had in the Physical Education department. They were always there to answer my questions and they did a great job preparing me for the real world when I got my first job. They were always there for me when I needed assistance."
- Brad Hull, Physical Education Teacher, MSU Denver Alum

"My preparation at MSU Denver drove my passion to teach quality physical education by giving me the opportunities to have real teaching experiences, observing quality teachers, and putting me into leadership roles throughout my time there. The connections I made with fellow students while attending MSU Denver are continuing today as we help each other be the best teachers we can be. The feedback from the professors was always connected to the classroom and students. The connection with the surrounding communities gave us the first step of success into the real world of teaching."
- Jennifer Smith, Physical Education Teacher, MSU Denver Alum

“MSU Denver had a great reputation and we had expert teachers teaching us. Out of the 25 students who were part of my special education cohort, all of them stayed teachers – it says a lot for the support and instruction we received.”
- Analise Harris, Alternative Licensure Program and Master of Arts in Teaching Alum, 2014
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