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Fall 2023 participants: You can now pick-up your campus badge / ID card from the ID Station in the Tivoli, room 269 on the second floor. See the Tivoli ID Station website for hours. Your first ID is free, but if you lose it, you will have to pay for a replacement.Map of Auraria campus. Tivoli is circled

Metro Meritus Participants


The MSU Denver Metro Meritus program allows persons aged 60 years or older to participate for free in courses offered by the University on a non-credit basis. Most courses are eligible for this program based on the approval of the instructor and the availability of space. For more information on which types of courses are eligible and instructions on applying for the program, please see our Participant Resources below.

This fall and spring, participants may attend courses on campus as well as online and hybrid courses.

Please see the Enrollment Process below. You may also contact us at [email protected] if you have enrollment questions that are not answered below.

Enrollment Process

1. Participant obtains enrollment instructions and enrollment form from website. See directions in the FAQ for how to choose classes.

2. Participant requests permission to attend course from instructor and obtains their signature on the enrollment form.

3. Participant submits signed enrollment form via email to [email protected] or hand delivers it to the Center for Individualized Learning, 1027 9th St in the historic part of Auraria Campus north of the Colfax at Auraria Lightrail Station.

4. Metro Meritus program staff processes the enrollment form.

MSU Denver Admissions and Registrar’s Office are never involved in this process.
Contact [email protected] with enrollment questions.

5. Participant is notified via email that enrollment has been processed and they are sent their university identification document containing their university credentials, which include an identification number (aka 900#), MSU Denver email address, and NetID (see FAQs below).

6. Participants have access to their MSU Denver email and Canvas course(s) approximately 48 hours after notification that their enrollment has been processed.

Continuing participants who need a password reset should contact IT at 303-352-7548 for assistance.

New participants must set up their MSU Denver account before they can access the Canvas course(s) – **see Setting up Your MSU Denver Account in the FAQ below**

Participants will never appear on an instructor’s list of students, but they will appear on the instructor’s Canvas list.

Accessibility Information

Metro Meritus participants can receive limited accommodations when attending courses. The Metro Meritus program is an audit program and therefore no tests or homework are required of the participant. Therefore, accommodations for extended times for taking tests or completing homework assignments are not available. Instructors are not required to grade Metro Meritus participant assignments. However, accommodations for course materials in an accessible format are available to participants.

Participants with mobility issues can use the Accessibility van to travel around campus.

Participants must contact the Access Center at 303-615-0200 to request disability related accommodations.

FAQs for Metro Meritus Participants

Participant Resources

Faculty Learn More about Metro Meritus

Metro Meritus Stakeholder Information

Are you a Metro Meritus Stakeholder?

Metro Meritus participants interface with many different departments across campus, just as regular paying students. Metro Meritus participants are auditors, who do not pay tuition and fees. Therefore, they may not have access to the same university services as regular paying students, or they may have different access to university services. Please review our Metro Meritus Stakeholder Information for guidance regarding Metro Meritus participants. You can contact CIL Director, Sara Jackson Shumate if you have any questions or concerns at 303-615-0525 or [email protected].


Metro Meritus Information for Non-Academic Departments

Metro Meritus is a Metropolitan State University of Denver audit program for senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older.

Please see this flyer for more information.


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