Philosophy, the critical examination of the most basic concepts we use to understand the world and our place in it, is education for life. By addressing questions and issues of enduring interest, Philosophy pursues truth steadfastly, without regard for what is popular or politically expedient.

This is at the heart of your Metropolitan State University of Denver Philosophy degree program, in which you will expand your worldview by scrutinizing ideas freely and openly.

In opposition to its reputation for being airy and abstract, philosophy is the ultimate “transferable work skill.” As a Philosophy major you will hone your communications skills, develop your ability to summarize complicated material, solve problems, generate ideas, analyze cause-and-effect relationships and learn to consider alternative points of view. With these skills you will be well-prepared for a career in business, teaching, writing or public service or for graduate study in a wide range of fields including law, business and medicine. A March 2017 PayScale, Inc. study of salaries shows the entry-level annual salary of Philosophy majors at $39,900, with a more than 100 percent increase to $81,200 by mid-career.

MSU Denver’s Philosophy program offers a variety of extracurricular activities including the MSU Denver Philosophy Club, the Women’s Philosophy Group, the Undergraduate Women’s Philosophy Conference, departmental colloquia and D•Phi, the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry at the University.

Philosophy Major, B.A.

Degree Requirements

Career Options

What can I do with a philosophy degree? A lot. Philosophy may not prepare you for one specific career, but it is particularly good at preparing students for the variety of jobs and careers graduates are likely to have over a lifetime. Philosophy majors do better, professionally and financially, than, for example, business, biology, marketing and political-science majors (don’t believe us?). And if you are considering going on to graduate school, philosophy majors score higher than any other major on the GRE and are in the top ranks for the LSAT, GMAT and MCAT. 

Already have a major? If you want to think more deeply, more critically, from different perspectives, about the things you learn in your major, the philosophy minor is for you. A philosophy minor (only 21 credits) is a great match for majors such as biology, physics, psychology, political science, sociology and anthropology. We also offer a minor in religious studies, in case you would like to critically examine the world’s various religious traditions.