MSU Denver

Office of the Bursar and Cashiering

Tuition Tables Archive

Mandatory Fees Details

Undergraduate students registered exclusively for online classes will be charged tuition and the following mandatory fees:

  1. Student Affairs Fee,
  2. Clean Energy Fee,
  3. Student Technology Fee,
  4. Metro Bond Fee,
  5. Phoenix Center Fee,
  6. Health & Wellness Fee
  7. Online Education Program Fee of $20/credit hour.

Bookstore Charge Program

Barnes & Noble College Tivoli Station

MSU Denver students can choose to purchase their books at the campus bookstore, located in the Tivoli Student Union, or online at Tivoli Station Page. Students can charge up to $750 towards their tuition in books or supplies. You must make the purchase within the indicated date range to be eligible for the Charge Program (see the dates below).


Spring 2022 Program Availability

To be eligible for the Bookstore Charge Program at the Tivoli Station, you must make your purchase within these dates:

  • January 3, through February 3, 2022

RTD CollegePass

The optional RTD CollegePass for MSU Denver students provides qualified students with unlimited rides on buses and rail for a nominal cost. To be eligible to get your RTD CollegePass you must be currently registered and have a current Campus ID card. Once enrolled, you can access e-tickets through RTD’s Mobile Tickets app and use RTD‘s Mobile Tickets app for unlimited rides on a bus and rail.

RTD College Pass Opt-in

Find out the cost, when, and where you can get your RTD Pass fee. 

Service Charges

A small trade-off...

MSU Denver allows students to pay throughout the semester (whether by simply making partial payments during the semester or through our payment plans). However, by choosing to have more time to pay, you are also subjecting your balance to monthly service charges. Most students are subject to these service charges with an exception of:

How Much and When?

Service charges will be assessed based on the remaining balance at the following rate:

  • 4% Service Charge at the beginning of the semester, assessed right after the Payment Deadline for that semester.*
  • 1.5% Service Charge once per month, on the 7th business day.

*Note: Students who enroll in a payment plan prior to the Payment Deadline will be exempt from the 4% service charge.