Beer pairs well with more than just pretzels, tailgates and running clubs. You’ll learn the science, the process, the business and the service of beer while you earn a bachelor’s degree in Brewery Operations from MSU Denver. Our Brewery Operations degree is truly one-of-a-kind as you won’t find a similar program anywhere else in the world.

Covering the breadth and depth of Brewery Operations, from the brewing process, beer analysis and quality control to packaging, sales and distribution, MSU Denver provides a university education to new or experienced professionals in beer industry operations. Begin or take the next step in your career by learning the art and science of starting, operating and managing a brewery or any number of other beer-related careers.

Partnering with Tivoli Brewing Company, located directly on campus, the Brewery Operations bachelor’s degree program offers a variety of opportunities for Brewery Operations majors to train in world-class facilities and work with professionals in the beer industry, all in partnership with the largest on-campus brewery in North America.

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Brewery Operations

Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver

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Get the most from MSU Denver’s partnerships with Colorado’s thriving beer industry including breweries, restaurants and distributors in the Front Range and Rocky Mountain region. As a Brewery Operations major at MSU Denver, you’ll gain practical, hands-on experience through internships, research and more.

  • Brewery Operations majors work and intern as certified cicerones, brewers and servers in the Tivoli Brewing Company brewery and restaurant on campus.
  • Numerous opportunities exist with the 400+ breweries around the state for you in the Beer Industry to intern and work at while pursuing your bachelor’s degree.

Get help with planning, scheduling and more from academic advisors in MSU Denver’s School of Hospitality.

Mingle with brewers and other beer industry professionals. The Brewery Operations Program at MSU Denver hosts a variety of beer-themed special events, from brewing seminars to beer tastings to visiting guest speakers for opportunities to network with other members of the beer community. MSU Denver is an allied trade partner of the Colorado Brewer’s Guild and has hosted their annual Colorado Craft Brewer’s Summit on campus each fall. This industry trade show offers an amazing opportunity for students to connect with the industry and attend professional seminars.

Own the value of your bachelor’s degree. MSU Denver’s Bachelor of Science in Brewery Operations undergraduate degree program leads the country in beer education with guidance from its Beer Industry Advisory Board.  Beer industry professionals contribute knowledge and perspective in the growing and changing needs of the beer industry to ensure Brewery Operations majors are learning the latest skills and techniques that will help them work in the beer industry.

Take advantage of unique educational opportunities. MSU Denver’s Brewery Operations Program collaborates with other professionals and organizations to advance the beer industry. Not only is MSU Denver’s Brewery Operations program a member of the Colorado Brewers Guild, but it is also a pilot school for the Brewers Association (BA) and its Education Membership program and a test center for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. MSU Denver Brewery Operations majors automatically receive a BA membership while they earn their bachelor’s degree, and faculty in the Brewery Operations Program are leading the BA’s informal working group to create a Society of Beer Educators for higher learning related to beer around the country.  We are members of the Master Brewer’s Association of the America’s.

MSU Denver has developed four world-class beer laboratories exclusively for the Beer Industry program, with financial support from brewing industry partners.

  • The Packaging Lab which lives in Tivoli Brewing Company features a CASK Canning Solutions ACS-V5 canning machine to teach the value and skill of quality packaging.
  • The Brewing Production Lab features five Ruby Street 15-gallon Fusion Systems and teaches the hot side of professional brewing, from mashing in barley to extracting resins from hops.
  • The Fermentation Lab features 20 7-gallon conical fermenters and testing equipment for the cold side of the brewing process to teach the microbiological process of using yeast to convert simple sugars in the wort to alcohol.
  • The Quality Control and Analysis Lab is a triple TTB-Certified Lab for student education and commercial testing, where students and brewers can determine alcohol content, dissolved oxygen, and CO2 levels (and much more!) and possible contaminants in beer.
  • The Sensory Analysis Lab in the state-of-the-art Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center features modern facilities and natural light sources for sustainable, interactive classes in beer, wine, and spirits.

Operating a multimillion-dollar facility on campus for brewing, packaging, and distribution, Tivoli Brewing Company has the potential to be one of the highest-producing craft breweries in Colorado, with the ability to produce 28,000 barrels of beer per year on their 30-barrel Sprinkman System. With on-site training facilities including high-quality large-scale and pilot systems, a bottling line and the Tivoli Tap House, Tivoli Brewing Company is the largest full-production brewery in the country on a college campus.

In the One World One Water (OWOW) Center, Brewing Operations majors learn about environmental concerns, municipal water supply, water law, waste water and water chemistry in partnership with MSU Denver’s OWOW program, the only in-depth water center that coexists with a brewing program in the country.

Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

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The beer industry in Colorado has created more than 24,000 jobs and contributes more than $10.3 billion to the economy, according to a recent report by the Beer Institute. With a bachelor’s degree in Brewery Operations, you increase your marketability to potential employers in beer-related industries such as these:

  • Alcohol beverage retail management
  • Beer sales and distribution
  • Brew deck control
  • Brewery operation and management
  • Brewpub management
  • Business operations
  • Craft brewing production
  • Government affairs
  • Nonprofit partnerships
  • Macro-breweries
  • Raw material supply
  • Sensory programs
  • Quality control and analysis labs

Alumni manage and operate breweries and quality labs across the country such as Berthoud Brewing, Sleeping Giant Brewery, Molson Coors Brewing, and Tivoli Brewing.


The degree programs in the School of Hospitality at MSU Denver are accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

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