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Bachelor of Science in Human Services

A strong desire to help people is fundamental to entering the human services field.  We can help you transform your passion into a rewarding career helping others. Human services professionals are critical to communities and the welfare of their citizens.

A degree in Human Services is an interdisciplinary degree that provides students with a foundation for better understanding how social structures are created and how people operate within those systems. Students are taught how to conceptualize, develop, and implement programs to help address social and economic issues in a community.  Students will also learn how to connect with clients in order to help them access services, programs, and skills that address their needs.  Upon graduation, students will have gained the practical knowledge necessary when professionally assisting individuals, families and communities.

Graduates from our program can work in a variety of settings leading group activities, providing counseling or crisis intervention, and administering food banks or community or emergency programs.  Program paths may also include working in treatment and recovery facilities or meeting with adults or adolescents who need help with life-planning strategies and daily-living skills. Human Services professionals provide support to people of various backgrounds, evaluating the needs of their clients and communities to aid in their wellbeing and stability.

The average yearly salary for recent graduates is $31,810 to $56,310.  With a strong projected job growth, careers in Human Services continue to remain in high demand.  Employment is expected to grow by 17% through 2029 for Human Services professions.  This is significantly higher than the average job growth in other sectors.

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The MSU Denver Department of Human Services and Counseling is accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education.

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Staying connected with academic advising is one of the best ways to ensure your path to successful degree completion. We are here to support you!

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The Department of Human Services and Counseling at Metropolitan State University of Denver is dedicated to helping students like you become competent, motivated and dedicated practitioners in the delivery of human services. With a degree in Human Services, and the benefit of an internship in your field of study, you’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to qualify for a variety of entry-level positions.

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