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About This Program

Computer engineers are essential to the development of rapid advances in computer technology. Devices such as cell phones, audio players, video recorders, alarm systems, x-ray machines and some medical tools are all the result of computer engineers who design digital devices and integrate them with embedded software that meets the technological, scientific and administrative needs of any industry.

MSU Denver’s new bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering combines the study of computer science with electrical engineering to give you a rigorous education in circuit design, programmable logic, computer design, computer programming, data communication, machine intelligence, robotics, algorithms and the various representations of information including numeric, alphabetic, visual, audio and sensory.

As a Computer Engineering student, you will study the design of digital hardware and software systems including communications systems, computers and devices that contain computers, focusing on how digital devices interface with users and other devices.

MSU Denver’s Computer Engineering program is an extended major with 128 credit hours, therefore a minor is not required to earn your degree.


The mission of the Computer Engineering Program is to offer a comprehensive education that enables students to become successful professionals working in an array of positions in industry. Graduates of this program shall have the ability to successfully obtain an entry level position in the field and to become effective leaders in that field. Alternatively, graduate from the program shall be prepared for further study in a graduate program in computer engineering, or a related field.

Example of Courses

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Examples of Computer Engineering courses include:

DC Circuit Fundamentals
Solid State Electronics Laboratory
Digital Systems
Signals and Systems
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals
Digital Filter Design
Embedded System Design
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals
VLSI Circuits and Systems
Senior Design
Learn more about courses at Course Progression Documents for EAET

Facilities & Resources

The Computer Engineering program is part of the Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology, which is housed in MSU Denver’s new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building (AES).

The AES building features advanced equipment, such as a state-of-the-art 3D printer, as well as specialized laboratories. It is also home to the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences, which integrates the study of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Industrial Design, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Aerospace Science and Aviation Technology.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver

As a Computer Engineering student, you’ll have access to the advanced equipment and facilities in MSU Denver’s new Aerospace and Engineering Science Building.

Through the Applied Learning Center, you can gain valuable hands-on experience by completing an internship or cooperative education placement with one of the area firms that partners with the Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

You’ll also be able to collaborate with other Computer Engineering students by joining any of several Engineering student clubs.

Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

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Computer engineering has two major specialties: computer software engineer and computer hardware engineer. According to, the current average annual salary of computer engineers in the United States is $102,450, which is 106 percent higher than the average U.S. salary.

The average annual salary for computer software engineers is $107,840; for computer hardware engineers, it is $112,760. Overall, computer hardware engineers earn 5 percent more than their software engineering counterparts.

Research performed in 2017 found that new college graduates earn an average salary between $61,000 to $76,000 per year.

Most computer engineers are employed by research and development laboratories and high-tech companies, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, LinkedIn, Facebook, National Instruments, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, HP, Lockheed Martin, etc.

Program Accreditation

The Computer Engineering program at MSU Denver is accredited by the EAC Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and Program Criteria for Computer Engineering and Similarly Named Programs.

Other Programs

In addition to the B.S. in Computer Engineering, the Engineering and Engineering Technology department also offers programs including:

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology
  • B.A. in Construction Project Management
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • B.S. in Sustainable Systems Engineering
  • B.S. in Environmental Engineering
  • Several Minors
    • Architecture
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Several Certificates
    • Advanced Composite Materials and Manufacturing
    • Additive Manufacturing Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering (CPE) Program; Professor

Contact the Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Dr. Fred Barlow

Professor; Department Chair; Director of CPE

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