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Advising Engineering and Engineering Technology

Prospective and Continuing students should call 303-615-1099 to make an appointment to see Anjeli Dwyer, or Stephanie DeBord, the EAET specialist advisors from the College of Professional Studies Advising Office, in AES 300.


Students looking for help with any aspect of their job search can contact Tennille Hamler, STEM Career Specialist, by phone at 303-615-1021 (direct line) or 303-615-1133 (main office), in AES 300V.

What is the hold on your account?


Prospective students may select any available Full-time faculty member for initial advising.

Continuing students must see their assigned advisor for advising.

The faculty do not have scheduled office hours during Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, or in the Summer. Please e-mail them to obtain an appointment and ensure they're on campus.

Advisors are assigned by Program and Last Inital

Faculty office hours are available on our Faculty & Staff page

* evaluates transfer of engineering/engineering technology credits


 Engineering Programs 
Computer (CPE) Environmental (EVE) Sustainable Systems (SSE)
Dr. Lin Huang*  Dr. Jeno Balogh*  Dr. Runing Zhang*



A - F  G - M N - Z
Dr. Zsuzsa Balogh* Dr. Jeno Balogh Dr. Runing Zhang



A -F G - M N - Z
Dr. Lin Huang Dr. Julio Proano  Professor Duane Swigert*



A - F G -L M - R S - Z
Dr. Aaron Brown* Dr. Devi Kalla  Dr. Ananda Paudel Dr. Odon Musimbi




Metropolitan State University of Denver
Department of Engineering & Engineering Technology

(303) 615-0499

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