Marketing Retro Podcast

Welcome to Marketing Retro, a new MSU Denver College of Business Podcast where we catch up with recent MSU Denver Marketing students who have had successful careers so far and want to share their experiences with any who may soon be graduating and entering the job market  I’m your host, Laurel Lane, a member of the Marketing Faculty in the College of Business!


Marketing Retro Episode 1 featuring Kyler Duncan

In Episode 1,I talk with Kyler Duncan, a recent MSU College of Business grad who has launched a marketing career with an International energy drink company called NOCCO, or No Carbs Company, based in Sweden.

Marketing Retro Episode 1

Episode 2 – Jacob Barela De Herrera – 37.5 Technologies

In the second episode of Marketing Retro, I welcome Jacob Barela de Herrera to reflect back on his journey through college and into his first marketing jobs.

Marketing Retro Episode 2

Episode 3 – Lindsey Guy – Motili HVAC company

In this 3rd episode of Marketing Retro, I talk with Lindsey Guy, a recent MSU graduate who is having great success as a Marketing Analyst at Motili, a local HVAC company here in Denver.

Marketing Retro Episode 3

Business Cents Podcast

Welcome to Business Cents, the student focused show that focuses on money, issues related to money and how money works in our lives, hosted by MSU Denver professors Laurel Lane and Jessica Mace. Although discussions and lessons will be important to people studying Business, they will involve building blocks that can be applied to a wide range of fields and jobs.


Episode 1: Intro to Financial Literacy Series

This episode functions as an introduction to the various concepts of Financial Literacy, explaining why knowing these concepts is so important, and laying out a road map for what this series will entail.

Business Cents Episode 1

Episode 2: Career Selection & Salaries

This episode is all about choosing a career, what that may look like, and what factors to consider when making career decisions.

Business Cents Episode

Episode 3: A Deep Dive into Financial Aid, with Executive Director Kerline Eglaus

This episode is all about student loans, financial aid, and what steps students can take to maximize their benefits.

Business Cents Episode 3:

Episode 4: Setting Financial Goals and Budgeting

This week is all about setting financial goals, how to go about doing so, making sure they are effective goals, and ways to budget successfully.

Business Cents Episode 4

Episode 5: A Conversation with College Success Coach Laura Amigone on How to Keep Your Grades Up

A Conversation with College Success Coach Laura Amigone on How to Keep Your Grades Up – In this episode, Jessica Mace interviews Laura Amigone, who is a college success coach and helps students make the most of their time and tuition in college.

Business Cents Episode 5

Episode 6 – A follow up conversation with MSU Denver’s Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Kerline Eglaus!

February is Financial Aid Awareness month and we once again have Kerline in person to answer Financial Aid questions that were put forth to us by students over the last few weeks.

Business Cents Episode 6

Episode 7 - Expense Management and 15 Ways to Save $100

In this episode, Jessica and Laurel take a deep dive into life’s expenses and how we manage them – they also discuss ways to save money including many things you can do to save $100!

Business Cents Episode 7

Episode 8: Deep Dive on Bank

In this episode we are going to talk about bank accounts! It’s time to talk about choosing a place to hold your money and also discuss best type of account to support the monthly inflows and outflows of your income.

Business Cents Episode 8

Episode 9: How To Interpret Financial News & Why It’s Important

This episode we expand on what we talked about last week regarding banks and explore some recent real life events that have happened in the news pertaining to them.

Business Cents Episode 9

Episode 10: An Introduction on Debt

This episode is the first in a three part miniseries talking about debt. In this part, we will cover what debt is, types of debt at a high level, why people have debt, and things that we all should consider before we decide to enter into a debt situation.

Business Cents Episode 10

Episode 11: Checkpoint & Review

This episode serves as a little recap and review of the first ten episodes and goes over the various topics we covered. We talk about career and salary selection, financial aid, budgeting/setting financial goals, expense management, banking, and debt.

Business Cents Episode 11

Business Cents 2023 FAFSA Special

In this episode, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at MSU Denver, Kerline Eglaus discusses the upcoming changes to the FAFSA process as well as why the opening date to fill out the form is in December in 2023 versus the normal October 1st date.

Business Cents - Special Episode

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