Dreamer Emergency Fund

Life happens. The DREAMer Emergency Retention Fund is an emergency stipend for MSU Denver students who are dealing with unanticipated catastrophic life events that might cause the student to stop or pause their educational goals. Funding is limited each semester, and applications will be reviewed as funds last. Once funds are exhausted, additional applications will not be reviewed.  All decisions are final. 

Awards are capped at $1,000. The MSU Denver Student Emergency Fund may affect future financial aid award packages for students and may be considered taxable income. 

DREAMer Emergency Fund awards may be prioritized for students who have not previously had the opportunity to receive funding.  

Students may be referred to case management to explore alternative financial resources in lieu of or prior to being considered for Emergency Funds. 

We prioritize financial emergencies that threaten basic needs (for example: housing, utilities, etc).   

Expenses covered include, but are not limited to: 

  • Rent and utilities, in case of emergency 
  • Can cover costs related to one’s immigration case or court hearing 
  • Costs related to immigration attorneys 
  • DACA renewals 
  • Care for dependents 
  • Personal medical, dental, or mental health emergencies (on a case-by-case basis) 
  • Safety and health-related needs 
  • Tuition (excluding fees) 

Expenses not covered include: 

  • University Fees 
  • Legal fees (unrelated to immigration status) 
  • Car payments & non-essential transportation expenses (as determined by the Student Emergency Retention Fund Committee) 
  • Outstanding personal debt, including car loan payments, credit card debt, medical debt or unpaid medical bills, or other bills that have been sent to collections 
  • Student travel/conference 
  • Non-essential utilities (determined by Student Emergency Retention Fund Committee) 
  • Costs of entertainment, recreation, personal, or non-emergency travel expenses 
  • Outstanding personal debt, including credit card debt 

In order to be considered for review, students must meet the application requirements.

Application Requirements

o   Currently enrolled in classes  

o   Complete a DAIA/CASFA 

o   Speak with staff in the SCC/ISP to discuss their need 

o   Students must have DACA, Undocumented, or TPS Status 

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