Why our Digital Marketing Minor & Certificate Program is for You!

The Digital Marketing Certificate is a great fit for Marketing majors and for other students pursuing any of the BS degrees in the College of Business, since you can double-count classes and thus reduce the number of required courses. It’s also great for returning students seeking professional/continued education.

The Digital Marketing Minor is a great option for students with any major that requires a minor or who want a credential to show their digital marketing skills to potential employers. Talk to our advisor for more information on which is right for you.

Both the certificate and the minor have the same required courses, totaling 16 credits. The minor requires 3 additional credits from the listed electives (total 19 credits), and the certificate requires 6 credits from the listed electives (total 22 credits).

Marketing at MSU Denver

Marketing is critical to business success. Marketing is about delivering value to consumers and generating revenue for the organization. What could be more important than that? It’s about developing the right products, for the right people, at the right price, in the right places, and with the right communication. Every organization has a marketing function, creating many career opportunities. Marketing matters. 

We believe that learning is an active process. Our AACSB-accredited Marketing program offers small classes—packed with ambitious business students, and led by professors with years of relevant industry experience. Students also complete real, hands-on marketing projects—including solving real problems for actual businesses.

Is our marketing major right for you? Perhaps our new (for Fall 2021) BA in Professional Selling, hosted by the state’s only Center for Professional Selling? Maybe our minor or one of our certificates? Want to know about career prospects and our hands-on learning? See below for more—and if you have questions, please email us.

Marketing Major: What Will I Study?

When you major in Marketing, you build broad business skills through the Business Core, and you develop marketing expertise through both required and elective Marketing classes.

Our BS in Marketing is available on-campus or 100% online.

All business majors require foundation course work in all significant areas of business theory and practice. The following courses are required for all students majoring in Marketing. Students must maintain a 2.0 average inside the Business Core. A student cannot register for a business core course until all General Studies requirements in Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Quantitative Literacy are complete.

Work with our academic advisor, Donelyn Jones, for help taking the right courses in the right order.  All information below reflects the current catalog; make sure you refer to the catalog for your catalog year for exact requirements.

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Professional Selling Major: What Will I Study?

New for 2021-22! Earn your BA in Professional Selling, through our nationally recognized Center for Professional Selling.

Our bachelor’s degree teaches the professional selling process, the importance of trust and relationships, value creation and communication, sales enablement technology, and what to expect from a career—all from faculty with real-world experience.

The experiential nature of the program provides students with opportunities to role play, network, and complete real sales assignments.

In addition to the required general education courses, you have to take 51 hours of required major classes, plus 12 hours of major electives, as noted below:

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Marketing Minors and Certificates

Non-marketing majors can benefit from our program through earning one of the minors we offer: Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, Sales, and Digital Marketing.

Our certificates—Sales, and Digital Marketing—are a great add-on for Marketing majors. Each certificate is also available as a stand-alone credential, such as for those who already have a degree.

All information below reflects the current catalog; make sure you refer to the catalog for your catalog year for exact requirements.


Career Prospects

Marketing is a profession that touches nearly every industry. Here are a few marketing-related disciplines you can pursue:

  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Services marketing
  • Brand or product management
  • Retailing and experiential marketing
  • Global and multicultural marketing
  • Media planning and buying

  • Professional selling
  • Social media
  • Channel management
  • New product development
  • Marketing research and analysis
  • Strategic marketing management
  • Distribution and supply chain management

Jobs & Internships

Looking for jobs or experiential learning opportunities in this field?

  • Check out this job board focused on positions related and adjacent to Marketing:

Learning Through Experience

We believe that experience matters, and that you should be able to learn and apply practical skills while you are studying with us.

That is why many of our marketing professors provide students with opportunities to work with real organizations, solving real marketing problems.

That’s also why we encourage our students to take internships—most of which are paid! You can earn credit and pay your bills, all while you gain industry experience.

Client Projects/Service Learning

MSU Denver marketing students have served hundreds of organizations all along the Front Range and beyond, including for-profit companies and non-profit organizations of various sizes and industries. Students have opportunities to work with organizations and learn how to develop marketing strategies in areas such as:  

  • Branding 
  • Social media 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Integrated marketing communications including advertising 
  • International marketing
  • Professional selling
  • Strategic marketing planning 
  • Marketing research 

If your business or organization is interested in exploring client project opportunities with the Department of Marketing, please contact the department chair, Nicole Vowles, at: [email protected]. Be sure to tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • A few sentences about your organization
  • A brief description of the type of marketing project you would like to pursue with the help of marketing students

If it’s a good fit, we’d love to help you—and help our students by getting them more real-world experience.


As a student, one of the most impactful experiences you can have is an internship.

By working with an employer in the field of marketing or sales, you will gain hands-on professional experience, build expertise, meet people in your field, and get to know more about the work that you love (and even about those areas you don’t love so much).

Internships can be for credit, for pay, or both. 

If you have completed MKT 3000 Principles of Marketing, you can complete an internship for one of your four marketing major electives (3 credits out of 12 required).

To earn 3 credits, you must work 150 hours and report to someone with marketing/sales expertise.  You complete some academic work along the way. 

The Internship Process

  • Find an internship.
    • Use the C2 Hub’s Career Link or find one on your own.
    • Please talk to your marketing faculty for guidance about the type of work you are interested in.
    • For internship advising, contact Dr. Nicole Vowles ([email protected]). 
  • Apply for credit (if you’d like to earn academic credit).
    • Start by contacting the C2 Hub for more information or check out this guide on How to Get Academic Credit for Your Internship, provided by the C2 Hub. 
    • You will complete an online form, your manager will add to it, and then it is sent for approval from the Marketing Department. 
  • Enroll in the class. The Marketing Department will complete this step for you once your internship is approved. 
  • Complete the internship and the academic work.

Now you’re closer to graduation and have valuable industry experience!


Do you have a marketing or sales internship or job listing you’d like to fill with an MSU Denver student or alum? Please post your position with us.

Want to get even more involved, through career fairs, informal networking, campus interviewing, and more? Learn more about our opportunities for industry partners.

Guest Speakers

Watch Guest Speaker, Victor Pickard, Present on "Free Speech & the Ethics of Digital Media"

Calling alumni and other marketing professionals!

We believe in preparing students for the business world, and a key part of that preparation is connecting our students with working business professionals.

Would you be interested in speaking to a class, participating in a networking event, or serving on a panel?

Want to get involved with our nationally recognized Center for Professional Selling, via sales role plays or competitions?

Please email department chair Nicole Vowles at [email protected] to get connected to a class or event that is the best fit for you.