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The Tutoring Program at MSU Denver supports students by offering free, one-on-one, and group tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects. Our program is not just for students having difficulties with course material but also for those looking to better excel in their academic pursuits. Whether your goal is to catch up, keep up, or do better in your studies, MSU Denver Tutoring will assist you in achieving that goal.

MSU Denver Tutoring is operating on-campus as well as virtually through Microsoft Teams. For further instructions on how to join the MSU Denver Tutoring Team, please download

 this tutorial.

Questions? Contact Us.

For further information, please contact us via phone or email or visit us in person at MSU Denver Tutoring in the Jordan Student Success Building, Suite 220.

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[email protected]



Campus Location

JSSB Suite 220

Mailing Address

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Campus Box 62
PO Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362