Finding courses with no cost for materials

MSU Denver faculty can mark their courses when they have no cost for materials or a low cost (<$40) for materials.

Follow the instructions below to find these options in the course schedule:

  1. Sign in to your student account.
  2. Click either Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes (if you might be ready to register for classes) or Browse Classes (if you’re just looking)
    Student Registration Screen Image
  3. Search for classes of interest by department and even course number. An advanced search option is also available.
  4. You will see a schedule of classes that match your search criteria. The schedule includes a column of attributes on the right-hand side. Rows that have “Low cost materials $40 or less” should have course materials that cost $40 or less. Rows that have the icon with “No-cost for materials” should not have any additional materials cost for the course. An example of part of the Spring 2022 schedule for Spanish courses is shown below.
    nullOnce you are enrolled in a course, you can email the faculty member who is teaching it for more detailed information about required materials for the course.

OER Student FAQ's

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Students willing to share stories about course materials costs, email your interest to Emily Ragan, MSU Denver OER Coordinator and faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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