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The MSU Denver Writing Center can help with any writing assignment, at any stage of the writing process. We also support writers across all writing levels and in any discipline. We can help with summary/response papers, journals, case studies, research projects, collaborative projects, digital projects, resumes, applications, presentations, and more! 


To make an appointment between July 8 and the end of summer semester, email [email protected] or call 303-615-1888.

Virtual Appointment Accessibility

Unfortunately, some screen readers may not work with the WCOnline platform that we use for online appointments. To schedule an online appointment on the Teams platform instead, or if you need any other accommodation, please contact the Writing Center’s front desk at 303-615-1888 or email the Writing Center’s office manager at [email protected]. We are dedicated to being accessible to all clients.

Language Boost Appointments

Are you sick of being told you need “better grammar” as a writer and aren’t quite sure what that means or where to start? Are you interested in learning about the ins and outs of language use in writing, including more about the range of grammatical choices you can make as a writer? The Writing Center can help! We’re offering a new program of Language Boost sessions that are intended to help deepen your understanding of how you can communicate in writing.

Language Boost sessions are:

  • Repeated weekly appointments with a consultant that last 40 minutes
  • Focused specifically on sentence-level aspects of writing (you might hear these things called “grammar,” “lower-order concerns,” “later-order concerns,” etc.)
  • An opportunity to grow as a writer.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, stop by any of our physical locations and ask about Language Boosts, email Writing Center Associate Director JJ Seggelke at [email protected], or schedule an appointment with any consultant and choose “Language Boost Session” in the session type dropdown.

Doc Drop Appointments

Doc Drop consulting allows students to submit their work online for one of our writing consultants to review. Once your draft is uploaded, you can expect a response in four business days. Plan accordingly!

Consultants will spend up to one hour reading and responding to up to 10 double-spaced pages. If your submission is longer than 10 pages, please note which section you’d like the consultant to focus on. As with our other types of writing sessions, our consultants will prioritize giving feedback on higher-order concerns (such as ideas, organization, and thesis statement) rather than sentence-level or grammatical concerns, unless you specifically ask for feedback on particular aspects of grammar or punctuation. Consultants may offer feedback regarding patterns of grammatical errors if they impede their understanding of the paper. 

Ready to submit to Doc Drop? From the Writing Center’s “Available Schedules”, select “Submissions for Doc Drop Consulting” to submit your writing. 

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The MSU Denver Writing Center has several locations throughout campus, as well as online writing consultations.

You can drop by anytime at one of our locations:

King Center (KC) 415
Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB) 201
Administration (AD) 210E

Mailing Address:

MSU Denver Writing Center
Campus Box 32
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

King Center: 303-605-7040

Jordan Student Success Building: 303-605-5463

Admin Building: 303-605-5795


Main Campus Location:
King Center 415

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D.
King Center 449
[email protected]

Program Assistant:
Yvonne Reed
[email protected]