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The MSU Denver Writing Center can help with any writing assignment, in any stage of the writing process. Assignments could include summary/response papers, journals, case studies, research projects, collaborative projects, digital projects, resumes, applications, presentations, and more!

Spring 2022 Schedule

The Writing Center is open online and on campus for the Spring 2022 semester. See locations for specific hours, and check back here for hours during finals week.

Doc Drop – You can always upload your paper to the Doc Drop schedule to receive asynchronous feedback within 3-4 business days from the day seen on the schedule.  You can click on your appointment to see the new uploaded paper from the consultant.


Watch this video (left) to see how to access your online Writing Center session. Learn how to make an appointment and access our appointment scheduler using the links below. Don’t have time to meet? Check out our asynchronous writing consultations in the form of Doc Drop Consulting.

Doc Drop Appointments

Document Drop Consulting allows students to submit their work online, which will be returned to them with feedback from one of our consultants. Students can upload a draft and a consultant will respond in writing within three to four business days.

Please note that consultants will spend up to one hour reading and responding to the work if it’s shorter than 10 pages. If it’s longer than 10 pages, we ask students to please indicate which sections the consultant should focus on.

As with other types of sessions we offer, our consultants will prioritize giving feedback on higher-order concerns (such as ideas, organization, and thesis statements) rather than sentence-level or grammatical concerns. However, consultants might offer feedback regarding patterns of grammatical errors if they impede understanding or hurt the writer’s credibility.

To submit your paper, simply go to the Writing Center Schedule and select “Submissions for Doc Drop Consulting” from the drop down menu.

The RIDES Program

Do you lack confidence in your English language skills? Do you often lose points for grammar and/or punctuation? Do you struggle with English vocabulary? The RIDES Program is for you!

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Contact Us

The MSU Denver Writing Center has several locations throughout campus, as well as online writing consultations.

You can drop by anytime at one of our locations:

King Center (KC) 415
Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB) 201
Administration (AD) 210E

Mailing Address:

MSU Denver Writing Center
Campus Box 32
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

King Center: 303-605-7040

Jordan Student Success Building: 303-605-5463

Admin Building: 303-605-5795


Main Campus Location:
King Center 415

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D.
King Center 449
[email protected]

Program Assistant:
Yvonne Reed
[email protected]