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International Student Support serves international students studying on an ‘F’ visa. While our primary purpose is to ensure that you can maintain your legal status while studying at MSU Denver, we are also here to support your personal, academic, and career goals.

Our mission is to create a meaningful experience for international students through cultural exchange, retention-based programming, and holistic support for students’ educational and cultural needs.

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Spring International Student Welcoming, DSO Check-in, & Ice Skating

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Friday, March 15, 2024

Snow Tubing Adventure

Maintaining Status

Maintaining status starts before you arrive. Remember to enter the U.S. on your F-1 visa. You cannot enter earlier than 30 days before your program start date. Once you are here and have attended orientation, make sure you do the following:

  • Notify International Student Support of your arrival via email.
  • Meet your International Student Advisor (ISA) and Designated School Official (DSO) before your program start date. *Note: Attending the New International Student Welcoming will fulfill this requirement.
  • Enrollment: F-1 students are required to maintain full-time student status and take in-person classes. One online class can be used to fulfill full-time status. Full-time is defined below:
      • Undergraduates need to be enrolled in 12 credits each semester. ( Ex: 9 credits in-person, 3 credits online)
      • Graduate students need to be enrolled in 6 credits each semester. (min 3 credits in-person, 3 credits online)

If you cannot maintain full-time status, in person, please notify International Student Support immediately. Do not drop a class without first speaking with your DSO even if your academic advisor has given you approval. Students must get ISA/DSO approval before withdrawing from classes. Falling below full-time unapproved will cause a student to be out-of-status. Out-of-status students will be terminated.

Full-time exemptions or Reduced Course Load: A student may be approved for less than full-time under certain circumstances. Approvable reasons are:

  1. Medical *Note: 12 months maximum per degree level.
  2. Academic *Note: Only allowed within the initial term of study. The risk of failing a class or withdrawing due to GPA (Grade Point Average) will not be approved.
  3. Completion of study within the current term.

For more information on Reduced Course Loads, please contact a DSO or see

Assistant Registrar-International Student Support: (303) 605-7739

International Student Advisor and Compliance Specialist: (303) 605-5567