About the Center for Individualized Learning

The Center for Individualized Learning (CIL) houses the interdisciplinary studies Individualized Degree Program (IDP) and the Metro Meritus program, which offers free courses for adults 60+.


Our Vision

CIL’s vision is to offer learners at MSU Denver access to nontraditional pathways so that they can realize their futures.  


Our Mission

Our programs bring together diverse groups of people for opportunities to learn and grow in ways that are unique to them. CIL works collaboratively across campus to maintain the academic excellence expected of all programs to ensure all students and participants feel welcomed and accepted to pursue their goals. 

Individualized Degree Program (IDP)

IDP provides creative solutions for MSU Denver students to earn their degrees. IDP supports students who have an innovative, interdisciplinary idea for a major or minor and those who have experienced barriers to completing their degree. IDP works with students to build majors and minors that meet their life goals and demonstrate academic excellence.  

IDP also provides opportunities for faculty to build new distinct academic experiences in cross-disciplinary dynamic fields of study, allowing the University to respond quickly to changing needs in the community and workplace. 

Meritus Scholars

Meritus Scholars facilitates access to free audited courses for community members over 60 years of age and older. This service provides intellectual and social experiences for lifelong learners and contributes to the University’s role as a community-engaged resource for the entire Denver Metro Area. CIL ensures that Meritus Scholars have the support they need to pursue their academic passions, contributing to the diversity of MSU Denver. 


MSU Denver’s Land and Labor Acknowledgement 

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Interested in supporting Individualized Degree Program (IDP) students and Interdisciplinary Studies? The Center for Individualized Learning is seeking to raise over $50,000 to provide scholarships for IDP students.

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We have moved! We are now located at 1027 9th Street Park in the historic section near Colfax at Auraria Station. From the station, we are in the second house from the right. From Los Molinos, we are the second-to-last house on the left. Feel free to phone us at 303-615-0525 or email us at [email protected].

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Campus Map with CIL's New Location

A campus map highlighting CIL's new location on 9th St