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About the Center for Individualized Learning

The Center for Individualized Learning (CIL) houses the Individualized Degree Program (IDP) and the Metro Meritus program, which offers free courses for adults 60+. These programs are geared toward expanding on the traditional university academic experience. Whether you are interested in designing your own degree or Metro Meritus, the CIL is ready to help you achieve your goals.

The Center also contributes to pre-eminence at MSU Denver by offering students and faculty the opportunity to engage in individualized, interdisciplinary, and innovative educational initiatives. Our mission is to provide support for programs that expand upon the traditional university experience.

The Center for Individualized Learning promotes:

Academic Integrity
To provide academic experiences that envelop high standards, ethical reasoning, and rigor, and to invite students to freely interpret and develop this knowledge.

Critical Thinking
To present academic challenges that encourage analysis, reflection, and communication.

Transformative Learning
To invite the expansion of personal and professional understanding, convictions, and behavior based on academic and reflective opportunities.



The Individualized Degree Program (IDP) at MSU Denver offers students the opportunity to propose a major or minor specifically designed to meet their educational goals if those goals cannot be met by formal curricula described in the MSU Denver catalog. The IDP also serves as an incubator for new academic programs at the university, allowing the university to respond quickly to changing needs in the community and workplace.

IDP Information

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Metro Meritus

Information for Metro Meritus Free Courses for Adults 60+ (fall and spring semesters only)

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We are located on the Auraria campus in the Administration Building, 1201 5th Street, Suite 360, across the street from the Auraria West Light Rail Station and above the Police Department. Feel free to phone us at 303-615-0525.

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