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Important Notice

In order to protect your FERPA rights and records, all MSU Denver communication will be sent to your assigned MSU Denver student email account. Please be sure to check your student email account on a regular basis.

College Opportunity Fund & Registration

Knowing your registration responsibilities can help make your registration process quick, easy, and simple. If you experience any problems, come to our office for help.

Undergraduate students, have you applied for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)? Remember to authorize your classes when you register, too!

Update Student Information

Update your MSU Denver Student information so we have the best contact information for you! You will be able to update your address & phone numbers, which are vital for University communications!

Steps to Update Student Information

Administrative Withdrawal

An Administrative Withdrawal (AW) is for unforeseen or extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control that have prevented the student from withdrawing from a specific course and/or and entire semester before the withdrawal deadline (i.e., death in immediate family, extended hospitalization, unforeseen work-related relocation, divorce, homelessness, or incarceration).

Students may request an administrative withdrawal from the Office of the Registrar after the withdrawal deadline posted in the Academic Calendar. Before the withdrawal deadline, students are expected to drop or withdraw from courses themselves. Deadlines differ proportionally for courses offered during part of a semester, including late-start and weekend courses. Students should refer to the part-of-term dates published by the Office of the Registrar to review drop and withdrawal deadlines for individual courses.

For more information, please see below.

Drop & Withdrawal Instructions and Deadlines

When do I drop or withdraw from courses?

Enrolled students may adjust their schedules by adding/dropping or withdrawing from classes. Student must add or drop classes before the 50% or 100% refund deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to follow proper drop or withdrawal procedures in the event he or she does not attend a class. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students who do not officially drop their classes by the census date (50% tuition deadline) for each class will be assessed full tuition and fees.

Students who reduce their course load after the 50% drop deadline/census date will receive a “W” notation for each course they have withdrawn and will be assessed full tuition and fees.

Please review your drop and withdrawal dates on My Class Schedule under Course Info on your Student Hub.

For your drop/refund or Withdrawal dates log onto your Student Hub account and look at My Class Schedule under Course Info.

If students have a hold on their account that prevents them from making changes, they can contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-556-3991 or email [email protected]

Final Exam Schedule

When is the final exam schedule available?

The final exam schedule is available approximately the 5th week of the current semester. Summer semester does not have a finals schedule as finals are given the last week of the class. The final exam schedule is created by the Register’s office and published on the Auraria Higher Education Center website. If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please contact your instructor.


How do I access the final exam schedule?

The Fall 2023 Finals Schedule is up to date and is best to be accessed on a desktop rather than mobile.



Grades for the current semester, as well as the previous two semesters, are available and can be printed on the Student Hub.

Students can also print an unofficial copy of their transcript on the Student Hub.

How to access your grades on Student Hub:

  1. Log in to Student Hub
  2. Select My Services/Registration in Student Hub
  3. Select My Services and log in again
  4. Select Registration, Credit Card Payment, Student Records, and Financial Aid Menu
  5. Select Student Records
  6. Select Final Grades

A complete description of grades and grade notations (e.g. A, B#, N/C, NR) can be found in the College Catalog.

Degree Evaluation

Some information you need to know if you are planning to graduate this semester.

Once you have applied for graduation and receive notification from our Graduation Team of an adjustment that needs to be made to your application, you will need to complete a Graduation Application Addendum.


Various departments place holds on a student's record that prevents the student from registering for classes, ordering official transcripts, or even prevent awarding a degree.


Part of Term (Start Dates of Classes)

A part of term is a date range within the academic semester (Fall or Spring), in which a course is scheduled to occur. All courses using a part of term, must be scheduled so that their start/end date fall within the part of term.

Reverse Transfer

Colorado Reverse Transfer Program

You’ve done the work, you deserve the credit! The research is clear: a degree boosts earning potential and career opportunities.

Colorado Reverse Transfer Program is a process that allows students who have transferred from a Colorado community college to MSU Denver to combine credits from both institutions and apply them towards an associate’s degree.

If you are a transfer student, this means you can earn the associate’s degree you started at your community college while still working toward your bachelor’s degree with no consequences or impact on your current academic standing, progress toward your bachelor’s, or financial aid.

Transfer Credit Evaluation & Guidelines

If you have been admitted to MSU Denver, you can find resources to help you navigate the transfer process here.

Transfer Credit Evaluation & Guidelines