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MSU Denver colleges, schools and departments are encouraged to be active osocial media in an effort to reach and build relationships with stakeholders. They have wide latitude to create and maintain a presence on socialmedia channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.  

MSU Denver’s socialmedia policy and application process were developed to ensure that any and all interactions on behalf of MSU Denver appropriately portray, promote, protect and represent the University’s best interests and adhere to all MSU Denver policies and to appropriate laws that govern the dissemination of public information.  

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Hashtags help make your content discoverable and find audiences you may not have reached otherwise. Consider using them in your posts to boost organic reach and engagement. Here are some we like to use at the University level: 








Social Media Community Guidelines

MSU Denver’s social media channels are a community created for current and prospective students, alumni, faculty and staff, supporters and friends.

We see each as a gathering place to celebrate the University, its people, programs and achievements, as well as a forum to share pertinent information. We absolutely love it when members of the Roadrunner family contribute to the conversation and encourage civil discussion.

Read more about social media account guidelines

Ground Rules

That said, we do have some ground rules for posts/comments/tweets that help this community remain a safe and welcoming place for all members.

We reserve the right to delete posts/comments/tweets that:

  1. Use profane language, personal attacks, threats, name-calling, bullying, taunting, baiting, hate speech or are in any other way deemed reckless to the community. We will delete anything that could be construed as defamation or libel. Comments written in all caps or other formatting intended to be combative or annoying will be deleted. We expect all participants to be respectful of one another even in expressing differences. Please ask yourself if you are being rude before sharing.
  2. Feel like spam in any way. That could mean something that is NSFW, irrelevant to the post or conversation, is obsessive or repetitive in nature, or trying to sell a product, person, company or experience. Cutting and pasting whole articles from other places will likely be construed as spam.
  3. Infringe on anyone’s right to privacy. One example of this would be publishing a person’s private email, phone number, address or an inappropriate photo of them without their permission.

Those who regularly violate these ground rules will be banned from future participation.

University Requirements

Required by the University: 


Request an approved profile picture   

Profile pictures distinguish your identity within your social media profiles. Profile pictures need to be consistent throughout all your social media profiles and should not change.


Required by the State of Colorado

Per the State of Colorado, Facebook pages representing MSU Denver departments or programs also must prominently display the below statement, with the appropriate information filled in.

Where to include this required statement:

  1. Log in to your department/program Facebook page
  2. Click on the “About” link under your profile images
  3. On the About page, click the “Edit” link
  4. In the “General Information” section add the following required statement:

If you are looking for more information about [name of department/program], please visit [website URL here].

ADA Compliancy

All social media ADA Compliance Information

Facebook Photos

Facebook uses automatic alt text with object-recognition technology to provide a visual description of a photo for visually impaired people. You can replace this text to provide a better description of a photo. Keep in mind that this description will be read only if someone is using a screen reader to access Facebook. Alt text can only be edited on a computer or iOS device.



Twitter Photos

First, make sure your Twitter profile has the alttext setting enabled. To do that, head to “Settings and Privacy,” then click on “Accessibility.”  

From there, make sure the “Compose image descriptions” box is checked.  

Accessibility text

When you add photos to posts, you’ll see a black box that says “Add description” appear as soon as you choose the photo you want.  

Fill that out whenever you write a tweet, and let people know what’s going on in the image or graphic. 

It is also important to add a website link to posts with text-heavy images so that all information on the image is available.



Instagram Photos

When posting a photo to Instagram, once you get to the caption prompts (after editing your photo), click on “Advanced Settings” at the very bottom of the screen. From here, you can write alttext under the “Accessibility” option. 

You’re also able to edit the Instagram photo after it’s posted by tapping the “…” in the upper right corner of the published photo, selecting “Edit” and “Aa Add Alt Text.”

Find all ADA Compliance information for social media on SharePoint.