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MSU Denver Corporate Identity

Metropolitan State University of Denver’s corporate identity pieces (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mail labels, notepads and note cards) all support the University’s brand. Consistent use of the MSU Denver visual identity elements on stationery is a vital part of preserving and enhancing the value of the MSU Denver brand. Therefore, we do not permit identity materials to be printed that do not follow officially approved templates or with unapproved vendors. Business cards are reserved for employees of the University.

Our convenient online ordering system is through Ricoh Copy and Print. The online ordering portal, updated June 2016, has some improved features. You no longer will be asked for a password to access the ordering system for your individual area, but there is a password for the entire university. If your screen times out you will lose your unsaved work, but you can log back on with the main user name and password found in the step-by-step guide.

This universal password means that you are going to be accessing a shared workspace, and you may at times be viewing other department’s orders that are in process. If your department wants a secure password, you may call the Ricoh representative directly at [email protected] or 720-663-3408 to request one.

Please note that your order still requires a payment method and that procurement cards (P-cards) are now the university-preferred payment method. Existing POs are still accepted. Ricoh will drop off completed jobs daily to Auraria Campus Receiving, who then will deliver to all campus addresses.

Ricoh Copy and Print


Boulder Production Print Center
6300 Diagonal Highway, Bldg. 005
Boulder, CO 80301

The Ricoh online system is set up to produce MSU Denver-branded stationery for the items most commonly requested. If you do not see your type of stationery here, or if your order has additional information or custom adjustments (like text for the back of a business card), contact the Ricoh representative at 720-663-3408 directly and they will help you complete your order. This type of custom work may include extra production time and additional charges.

Step-by-step Guide