Brand Platform

MSU Denver’s Brand Platform distills and aligns our beliefs, key messages and market position of our brand. It serves to guide all brand strategy, creative and marketing decisions, constituting the building blocks of a comprehensive identity.
The brand platform is a living, breathing entity that is continually evolving as the University grows, yet it retains the core elements of the MSU Denver brand as detailed above.

Brand Purpose

Conveys MSU Denver’s purpose and reason to create a positive impact on a local, regional, national, and international scale.

To be the catalyst that helps Coloradans realize their full potential.

Brand Promise

The central value that all MSU Denver audiences can expect each and every time they interact with the MSU Denver Brand.

Quality education that elevates communities.

Positioning Statement

MSU Denver’s unique statement that clearly defines what differentiates it from other higher education institutions.

MSU Denver is a modified open-access university for tenacious students with a desire to realize their full potential.

The University strives to launch the most Colorado changemakers through high-quality, transformational education.

Changemakers Campaign Theme

MSU Denver’s Brand Campaign is the written, audio and visual expression of the MSU Denver brand and all that it embodies. The Brand Campaign brings the MSU Denver Brand Platform to life.

The Changemakers campaign theme is an external phrase used by all MSU Denver constituents to reflect the University’s unique spirit, purpose and value.

Changemakers Wanted is a call to action. Change takes hard work, determination, skill and heart. This is a call to all aspiring changemakers: Turn ambition into achievement at MSU Denver.

Brand Key Messages

The following messages support MSU Denver’s purpose, promise, position, personality and strategic plan. These messages should showcase what makes MSU Denver unique and relevant to our audiences. 

Brand Persona

These qualities, shared with internal and external audiences through copy and media, describe attributes of the MSU Denver persona and the diverse lived experiences of the MSU Denver community. 

These words guide the tone and temperament of all messaging, regardless of the audience.

  • Fearless 
  • Tenacious 
  • Inclusive 
  • Excellent 
  • Ambitious 
  • Passionate 

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