The MSU Denver Abbreviated logo serves as an abbreviated display alternative to our University logo (which displays the University’s full name). Its succinct visual signal with easy memory recall helps build brand awareness in a multitude of applications. Additionally, the Abbreviated logo helps promote the preferred abbreviated University name “MSU Denver” orally and in text. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for display on a wide variety of marketing collateral, including athletics apparel.

When displaying the Abbreviated logo on print and web applications that include content, the full University name must be spelled out on its first reference. Subsequent references may use “MSU Denver.” In print and web applications that have minimal or no content, displaying a copyright notice serves to identify the University in its proper full name. Copyright notices should appear as follows: © 2019 Metropolitan State University of Denver. All rights reserved.

Applications that do not require a degree of formality, such as apparel, pens, small-imprint-area items and other casual-use tchotchkes, may display the Abbreviated logo without inclusion of the full University name elsewhere on the same item.

Applications that require a degree of formality, such as University stationery and legal documents, must display the full-name University logo. DO NOT display the Abbreviated logo on these items.

MSU Abbreviated Logo


Abbreviated Logo Formats

Our Abbreviated logo is available in three formats. This provides optimal logo display within the space provided per application. The components within these formats are in a fixed size and spatial relation to one another and should not be altered. The vertical format is preferred and should be displayed wherever practical, provided that the available display area permits sufficient size for the logo.

FORMAT A (Preferred) – Vertical


Format A is the preferred format and should be displayed wherever practical. Additionally, Format A best fits applications with square to vertically proportioned display areas.


FORMAT B – Horizontal

MSU logo horizontal formatDisplay Format B on applications with horizontally proportioned display areas.



FORMAT C – Extreme Horizontal

MSU format extreme horizontal

Display Format C on applications with extreme horizontally proportioned display areas.

Abbreviated Logo Clear Zone

To avoid crowding our Abbreviated logo with other imagery – such as text, photography, illustrations, color breaks or rule lines – a “clear zone” is the minimum amount of space to remain free of other imagery. This minimum space requirement also applies to page trim and folds. The clear zone is proportional to the size of the logo, and its border is determined by measuring from the outer edges of the logo to the distances indicated in the diagrams below.

Adhering to clear-zone guidelines will best ensure legal protection of our logos by minimizing confusion as to their appearances.


Format A (Preferred) – Vertical

Abbreviated logo -clear zone - vertical







Format B – Horizontal

Abbreviated Logo - Clear Zone - Horizontal






Format C – Extreme Horizontal

MSU abbreviated logo - clear zone - Extreme horizontal






Abbreviated Logo Minimum Size

Shown below is the minimum approved size for our Abbreviated logo as measured from the width of the Roadrunner Symbol. The diagram below shows actual size at left but then enlarged for viewing ease. If a size smaller than the approved is necessary, the University’s abbreviated name, MSU Denver, is typeset in one of the approved support typefaces.

Abbreviated MSU Logo - Minimum Sizing Diagram


The minimum size to be displayed is 1 half-inch (12.7mm, 36 pixels) as measured from the width of the Roadrunner Symbol.



MSU Abbreviated Logo Correct Naming

Abbreviated name should be less than 1 half-inch (12.7 mm, 36 pixels).

If a visual representation of the University is needed, but the display area does not permit sufficient logo sizing, you may display the University’s abbreviated name in upper- and lowercase or in all caps. It must be typeset in one of the typefaces from our approved type families, Univers, Gotham or Century Schoolbook, and must appear in one color. Contact University Communications and Marketing for approval of any typeface substitutions.


MSU Denver Abbreviated Logo Minimum Sizing - Dont Do


DO NOT display the University’s abbreviated name in a two-color solution in an effort to mimic the appearance of the Abbreviated logo.



Abbreviated Logo Color Options

Our Abbreviated logo consists of specific hues of blue and red. Accurate reproduction of these colors, referred to as MSU Denver Blue and MSU Denver Red, is critical to maintaining a consistent brand image.

When the Abbreviated logo is darker than the background color on which it is displayed, it is referred to as “positive.” When the logo is lighter than the background color on which it is displayed, it is referred to as “reverse.” Within these two categories, there are full-color and one-color options from which you may choose. The preference is to display the full-color version wherever practical. Often, only one color is permitted or practical. In these instances, the preference is to display the one-color version that utilizes MSU Denver background colors. If this is not a practical option, then the one-color black on any light- to mid-value background (or white on any mid- to dark-value background) is approved. See Color Selection to determine the most appropriate logo color option for its intended display.


Approved Positive Color Options

Display on white or light- to mid-value backgrounds:


Full Color – Preferred

  • Abbreviated MSU Logo - Color Options - Full Color MSU Denver Blue
  • MSU Denver Red
  • White silhouette behind Roadrunner symbol

Display on:

  • White
  • Any light-to-mid value background



One-Color – Preferred

  • MSU Denver
  • White silhouette of clear behind Roadrunner symbol

Display on:

  • White
  • Any light-to-mid value back



One Color – Approved

  • Abbreviated MSU Logo - Color Options - One color - Approved Black (Shown)
  • Neutral Metallics
  • White silhouette or clear behind Roadrunner symbol

Display on:

  • White
  • Any light-to-mid value background


Approved Reverse Color Options

Display on black or mid- to dark-value backgrounds:

Full-Color – Preferred

MSU Abbreviated Logo Full logo reverse color

  • MSU Denver Blue
  • MSU Denver Red
  • MSU Denver Grey

Display on:

  • MSU Denver Blue
  • MSU Denver Red
  • MSU Grey
  • Black or any mid-to-dark value background




One-Color – Preferred

MSU Logo abbreviated reverse

  • White

Display on:

  • MSU Denver Blue
  • MSU Denver Red
  • MSU Denver Grey




One-Color – Approved

MSU Denver Abbreviated Logo Reverse Color Black


  • White
  • Neutral Metallics

Display on:

  • Black
  • Any mid-to-dark value background



Abbreviated Logo Color Selection

Clear logo visibility is important for ensuring its integrity. All Abbreviated logo components must be easily discernible from the background on which they are displayed. The gray-scale diagram below demonstrates how the visibility of each logo color option is affected by the color value of its background. Additionally, avoid displaying the logo on background areas with a high degree of contrast and/or distracting visual activity. Generally, positive logos provide optimum contrast on light- to medium-value backgrounds and reverse logos provide optimum contrast on medium- to dark-value backgrounds.

MSU Appreciated Logo - Color Selection


Important note about the Roadrunner Symbol

To best ensure clear legibility and maintain brand integrity, it is important to select the correct color version of any of our logos that include the Roadrunner Symbol. To this point, there are two important design features:

  1. The Roadrunner Symbol artwork is available with and without a white silhouette behind the symbol. The white silhouette ensures clear legibility regardless of the background color value on which it is displayed. However, the white silhouette is not always practical in certain reproduction techniques. In scenarios such as small-imprint or two-color reproduction limitations on colored backgrounds, it is preferred to use a one-color logo to avoid diminished visibility of the red logo components caused by close color boundary between the red components and the background.
  2. When selecting a one-color logo, be sure to select the one-color positive art for light- to mid-value backgrounds and the one-color reverse art for mid- to dark-value backgrounds. These two one-color versions are NOT interchangeable. The rendering of the Roadrunner Symbol is different between the positive and reverse versions so that the eye “reads correctly.” If the one-color positive logo is inadvertently displayed in white on a dark-value background, it will appear incorrect because of the misread of the eye. Likewise, displaying a one-color reverse logo in MSU Denver Blue or black on a light-value background will result in the same undesirable effect.


MSU Abbreviated logo - color selection - Important notes

Abbreviated Logo Misuse

Preserving the integrity of the MSU Denver brand is paramount. A visible method of preservation is through accurate and consistent display of our Monogram logo. This practice will help reinforce its strength and continue to grow MSU Denver’s current degree of brand equity.

Shown below are just a few potential misuses of our Abbreviated logo. All attempts should be made to adhere to the guidelines stated in this document. Any misuse will ultimately diminish the current degree of brand equity and potentially jeopardize its legal protection.

MSU Logo Abbreviated

At right is the approved and preferred appearance of our Monogram logo.

Avoid the logo misuses below and others. If you have questions regarding correct logo use, contact University Communications and Marketing.



Abbreviated Logo Misuse Example 1


Transpose the color scheme. Only display the approved color options.


MSU Abbreviated Logo Misuse Example 2


Display a one-color version other than those approved.


MSU Abbreviated Logo misuse example 3


Create a one-color version with tints to simulate the hue differences found within the two-color version.



Abbreviated Misuse RedM


Allow the “M” to appear in MSU Denver Red (as it does in positive logo art) on reverse applications. Always ensure the logotype appears in white on reverse applications.


Abbreviated Misuse Low Contrast



Allow poor visibility between the logo and its background.


Abbreviated Misuse Arched Name



Add graphics to the logo. Always ensure the Clear Zone is properly observed.



Abbreviated Misuse Rogue Format


Create new logo formats. Only display the approved formats.


Abbreviated Misuse Stretched Long


Horizontally stretch the logo in an attempt to fit within specific display areas. Always use one of the three approved format options.


Abbreviated Misuse Stretched Tall


Vertically stretch the logo in an attempt to fit within specific display areas. Always use on of the three approved format options.



011Abbreviated Misuse No Logo


Display the logotype component as a stand-alone graphics. The logo must appear in tact with both Roadrunner symbol and logotype locked together.


012Abbreviated Misuse Typeset


Typeset the logotype in an attempt to simulate it. The logotype is custom-rendered and should not be altered.


013Abbreviated Misuse Drop Shadow


Create special effects with the logo. Effects such as drop shadows impede legibility and diminish the logo’s integrity.