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Welcome to Brand Central

Metropolitan State University Denver’s Brand Central page is a one-stop resource to help all members of the MSU Denver community present a cohesive and consistent brand across all marketing and communications efforts.  Here you’ll find a range of tools, templates and resources to help us all leverage the power of a unified brand message, look and feel in all print, web, digital, written and oral communications.

Within MSU Denver Brand Central you will find our brand promise, proper use of the University’s name when mentioned in text, editorial guidelines, brand hierarchy, logo usage, brand colors and University-approved typefaces. Additionally, you will find digital artwork for our University logos, digital templates for stationery, department flyers and fact sheets, brochures, PowerPoint® and other frequently requested templates. Our Image Library allows you access to many of our frequently requested images.

Our aim is to make it easy for the University community to develop beautiful, consistent, brand-building communication pieces that stand out from the crowd. The materials on this website are accessible to anyone with standard University-issue software.

If you plan to do design within your department, reach out to the University Communications and Marketing Department for assistance and pointers. If you want to use an outside designer, we can connect you with professionals who are familiar with our brand standards. We encourage you to visit Brand Central regularly to stay informed about the most up-to-date brand guidelines

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Our Brand

A brand is much more than our name, logo and colors. It is how we want the market to perceive us when they think of MSU Denver, hear our name or see our logo. A brand is also a promise of what we stand for, what we offer and what makes MSU Denver different from the competition.

Why brand consistency is important

The more consistent a brand looks, feels and sounds, the more dependable, reliable and recognizable it becomes over time. Within MSU Denver, ensuring consistent look, feel and voice across all MSU Denver departments, programs and offices will strengthen the power and impact of our brand over time. Even if we’re all speaking to different audiences, a compelling, unified brand narrative will help MSU Denver attract and retain students, cultivate donors and community partnerships, and foster an active, engaged student and alumni community.

Our brand platform

Our brand platform is the foundation for our unique brand voice, look and feel as an institution. The MSU Denver Brand Platform consists of a positioning statement, promise, moniker, messages and descriptors designed to describe what makes MSU Denver unique and relevant to our audiences. To build a consistent and cohesive brand, we encourage all departments, programs and units to familiarize themselves with the MSU Denver brand platform and to incorporate it into your strategy, marketing and communications.

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Who We Are

MSU Denver Brand Certification Program

Research shows that presenting a consistent brand identity is critical to strengthening an organization’s brand and reputation over time. As MSU Denver’s reputation continues to grow, it is more important than ever to consistently promote the excellence and innovation for which we are recognized. Having a bold, unified brand will assist MSU Denver with everything from recruitment and retention to fundraising, partnerships and more.

The MSU Denver Brand Certification Program will equip and ‘certify’ faculty and staff with the tips, tools and talking points to effectively promote the MSU Denver brand internally and externally — ensuring we are consistently ‘singing from the same songbook.’ The Foundational Brand Training will serve as a primer to our new brand platform and advertising campaign. It will give participants a fundamental understanding of our brand messaging, brand identity and ways to create more brand consistency across the University. These trainings will also help collect stories and interesting facts about MSU Denver departments, offices and areas that could be leveraged in future advertising and storytelling efforts.


Who Should Attend?

As MSU Denver faculty and staff, we are each on the front lines of the University and are each brand ambassadors. Every time we meet with a student, teach a class or interact with someone in the community, we have an opportunity to opportunity to share the value of MSU Denver. Therefore, we encourage all members of our departments, programs and units to attend these trainings and become MSU Denver brand certified.


Sign Up Coming Soon!

Brand Certification Training start up again in Fall Semester. All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. Details will be available soon.

Brand Certified email signature

Let the University know that you’re Brand Certified with this new email signature. Your electronic communications will intrigue others to become Brand Certified and inform your external audience about MSU Denver’s refreshed brand.

Copy and paste your Brand Certified email signature today and help spread the word.

University Name Use

Use with Purpose

To best ensure continued strength of the MSU Denver brand, it is paramount to refer to the University consistently when mentioned in text and oral communication. Since its inception in 1965, the operative word “Metropolitan” within the University’s name is what sets it apart from other universities and, in particular, Colorado. Through the school’s 50-plus-year history, the word “Metropolitan” has become synonymous with the University (formerly College) and its core values. It has become synonymous with attributes such as inclusivity, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and excellence in education and service. Through the course of the school’s history, all constituents of the University, including alumni, students, faculty and staff, have lovingly referred to the University as “Metro” and/or “Metro State.”

In 2012, the University received its status as such (from that of College) and an initiative followed to reinforce the newly acquired university status. The name was officially changed from “Metropolitan State College of Denver” to “Metropolitan State University of Denver,” and consequently, a new moniker was needed to reflect the newly acquired status. To satisfy this initiative, “MSU Denver” has become the approved and preferred abbreviated nomenclature when referencing the University.


Mentioning in text

When mentioned in text, the University name should be spelled out in its full legal name, “Metropolitan State University of Denver” on first reference per application. After its first reference, the University may be referred to as “MSU Denver” or as “the University.” On applications that do not require a degree of formality, such as T-shirts and pens, the abbreviated “MSU Denver” may be used without need for prior full-name reference.

For official documents, the full name “Metropolitan State University of Denver” must be displayed. A contractual agreement with a neighboring university prohibits the words “University of Denver” appearing alone on their own line when referencing this University.


Mentioning in oral communications

MSU Denver relies on your passion for its support to ensure continued strength of our brand recognition. When mentioned in oral communication, the approved reference to the University is “MSU Denver.” Old habits are hard to break, but when you say “MSU Denver,” you reinforce our deserved status as a University, make clear our roots in Denver and provide a great example to others.