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Web Content Management at MSU Denver

The MSU Denver Web Content Management System (WCMS) Project was an effort to better support and improve MSU Denver’s Web presence. Co-sponsored by Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Services  the WCMS Project implemented a Web content management solution in September, 2011 to support the creation, management, delivery and sharing of Web content across the University while promoting quality, consistency, accessibility, and security.

By September 2012 all University department, program and center websites were migrated to the Site Manager WCMS.


The WCMS Project focused on providing a simpler, more efficient method for maintaining Web content to University Web authors who support official, external-facing departmental websites.

Key Advantages of the Web Content Management System

  • Simplified updating of department websites for both non-technical and technical staff

  • Edit Web content using any modern Web browser. Any time, from any where

  • Easy importing of photos, videos, Microsoft Word content

  • Notification of broken links or outdated content

  • Accessibility Checker for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance

  • Ability to set go-live and expiration dates for Web content

  • Ability to grant granular permissions to edit sites, pages or even sections of pages

  • Provides flexible workflows to streamline Creating\Editing\Publishing\Archiving (CEPA) of Web content

  • Share photos, videos, news and information across University websites

  • Scalable features, plug-ins and modules to bring in content from blogs, wikis, photo galleries, event calendars

  • Publish to multiple channels such as Web, mobile device, social networks, foreign languages

  • Empowers content owners


The WCMS has greatly simplified many Web management tasks but there are many things the WCMS will not be used for. The WCMS is not:

  • A learning management platform (such as Blackboard)

  • A replacement for personal email or calendars

  • A tool for developing personal websites

  • A dedicated document or media repository/management platform

For more information about the WCMS project visit the FAQ.