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Welcome from the Instructional Accessibility Group!

As an integral part of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design, the Instructional Accessibility Group is here to train and support faculty in the area of Instructional Accessibility as they develop more inclusive methods of instruction and course design.

Instructional Accessibility is the integration of the tenets of universal design and accessibility considerations into instructional designs, structure and technique. These considerations ensure that all instructional material is usable by all members of our campus community.

From the moment we distribute the content, all members of the community have the right to access said content regardless of ability; therefore, it is important that accessibility laws and principles be adhered to prior to receiving any accommodation letters or requests. Through a proactive and calculated approach, we can develop more inclusive and impactful instruction, reduce our reliance on accommodations by creating more equitable content, and meet our students where they are. Above all, we can create a culture of accessibility at MSU Denver.

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