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Welcome from the Instructional Accessibility Group!
As an integral part of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design, the Instructional Accessibility Group is here to train and support faculty in the area of Instructional Accessibility as they develop more inclusive methods of instruction and course design.

Instructional Accessibility is the integration of the tenets of universal design and accessibility considerations into instructional designs, structure and technique. These considerations ensure that all instructional material is usable by all members of our campus community.

From the moment we distribute the content, all members of the community have the right to access said content regardless of ability; therefore, it is important that accessibility laws and principles be adhered to prior to receiving any accommodation letters or requests. Through a proactive and calculated approach, we can develop more inclusive and impactful instruction, reduce our reliance on accommodations by creating more equitable content, and meet our students where they are.

Get Started: Goals and Guides

5-3-1 Accessibility Goals

Improving accessibility can feel very overwhelming, and it can be very hard to find a good place to start. We recommend beginning with our  5-3-1 Accessibility Goals resource. The 5-3-1 Goals provide a series of objectives that will improve the accessibility of your content. Select five beginner goals, three  intermediate goals, and a single advanced goal to determine an excellent starting point at each level for improving your course content. Working through these goals will allow you to identify areas that can be easily improved and will provide the most support.

Accessibility Best Practices and Guides:

For resources that provide a general overview on creating and maintaining accessible content at MSU Denver visit Accessibility Basics and Best Practices. For more support or information on how to make a specific type of content accessible, reference the following links:

Ready for More?

If you’re ready to learn more accessibility or are interested in assessing the accessibility of your course materials, reference the links below:

  • Proactive Accessibility Certificate: A six course series that provides a general overview of accessibility in the 21st century and basic skills and knowledge for creating accessible material.
  • Accessible Course Check-Up: A chance for faculty who have put time into making their courses accessible to have those courses assessed for accessibility by a member of the Instructional Accessibility Group.