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Workshops and Trainings

Instructional Accessibility Office Hours provide faculty members with a valuable opportunity to learn about and implement best practices for creating inclusive and accessible teaching environments that support the success of all students.

Get foundational knowledge on ADA, document accessibility and more. Learn more and register for the six-part Proactive Accessibility Certification series.

Customize a training for your department or learning community. Email the Instructional Accessibility Group for more information.

Access Checks

Instructors that are looking for help with a specific part of their course can connect with the Instructional Accessibility Group to get some help and feedback. Appropriate topics include the materials for one course module, the way a specific type of assessment is set up, or the use of a particular tool in a course.  

The Accessibility Check starts with a short meeting to understand the topic and the process (less than 30 minutes). Then, Instructional Accessibility staff will spend about an hour looking into the details of the issue, after which they will write up a short report and set up a second short meeting to review the results and talk about possible next steps.  

Course Accessibility Reviews

While Access Checks are perfect for considering the accessibility of specific smaller parts of a course, a Course Accessibility Review is a deeper audit of a wide spectrum of accessibility issues across an entire course. This highly detailed process is time-intensive and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

A Course Accessibility Review starts with a short meeting to finalize access to the course materials and discuss the process (less than 30 minutes). Then, Instructional Accessibility staff will begin reviewing through as much of the course as they can, working to evaluate each type of course content, materials, tools, activities and assessments. Up to 4 hours of investigating and reviewing will take place, so we can’t promise that every corner of a course will be inspected. A detailed report will be delivered to the instructor, followed by a final meeting to discuss the results and talk about possible next steps.