Pre-Production is the process of planning and designing as many of the elements needed to produce the actual forms of various media. The services listed below will help instructors build the items needed to make successful components from the Production services.

  • Create Slideshows
    • Instructors can provide the Instructional Design Media team with their content, including a variety of text, images, designs, etc., and the CTLD’s Media Developers will use it to create a slideshow presentation for a course.
  • Asset Allocation
    • If an instructor would like help in sourcing images, videos, or other media content for their course, the CTLD’s Media Developers will help locate those assets while staying within the laws of copyright.
  • Script Writing/Editing
    • A CTLD Media Developer will assist in writing and/or editing a script to be used for a green screen recording, sound booth voice over, or in digital creations.



Production, specifically in the world of education, is the process of recording and presenting educational material. It may incorporate motion video with sound, voice overs, animations, still images, among other digital media. The services listed below are really the backbone of what CTLD’s Media Team offers and typically will be the main method(s) of incorporating media content in an instructor’s course.

  • Recording a lecture with instructors
    • A CTLD Media Developer will work one-on-one with instructors in our studio with a green screen to help coach and guide the creation of various multimedia recordings.
  • Voice Over Recordings
    • A CTLD Media Developer will assist instructors in the sound booth studio to create audio recordings for lecture presentations, (i.e. PowerPoint voice over)
  • Animations
    • Sometimes creating a short animated video can better represent subjects/topics. Media Developers will collaborate with instructors to determine the vision and creation of an animated short.
  • One-Off Trainings: Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
    • Media Developers can provide one-on-one training services to instructors so they can build their own media content. The following DIY trainings are available:
      • 1. Recording “Best Practices”
      • 2. Creating Presentations (PPT)
      • 3. Finding Media Resources (Asset Allocation)
      • 4. Using Accessibility Language (Audio Annotations)
      • 5. Using Yuja media Software
      • 6. Scanning documents
      • 7. Recording Voice Over (Faculty Voice)
  • Animated Gifs
    • Media Developers can create gifs for an instructor’s course which can be useful for vocabulary practice, flashcards, short demonstrations, etc.
  • Interviews
    • CTLD will collaborate with instructors to coordinate interviews, including the type of interview (unstructured, semi-structured, or structured) and the visual set up in the studio (formal, casual, etc.)
  • Lightboard
    • A lightboard is essentially a clear glass whiteboard with lights that cause neon markers (think highlighter colors) to glow when used on it, but with one key difference—the user stands BEHIND the board, not in front of it when lecturing. This provides a dynamic and unique visual to a lecture and is best used for demoing visual content such as graphs, diagrams, etc., and illustrating concepts.
    • It’s important to have a clear use for the lightboard and to prepare ahead of time as it can be a time-consuming process to “experiment” during the allotted studio time. Therefore, CTLD’s Media Developers will help brainstorm a plan for the lightboard to make the best use of an instructor’s studio time



Post-production consists of many different processes grouped under one name, including editing, sound design/effects, and visual effects. However, instructors can utilize the service below to add graphical elements to their existing media or media created with the CTLD Media Team.

  • Custom Graphics
    • The CTLD Media team can design intros, outros, title cards, etc. for an instructor’s recordings to add some personalization and dynamic visuals