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Instructional Accessibility is the process of intentionally creating educational content, that removes barriers preventing students from accessing content fully. This includes but is not limited to students with vision or hearing related disabilities, who use screen readers, where English isn’t their primary language, etc.

We have assembled an encompassing catalog of guides and resources to support faculty, instructors, and staff in creating accessible content. We appreciate your interest and willingness to assure educational content is accessible.

Basic Information for Making Accessible Content

Glossary of common terms and definitions you will encounter as you explore and incorporate instructional accessibility.

Guidelines and tips for maintaining accessible color contrast.

Using the Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker

Dive Deeper into Instructional Accessibility

Improve your accessibility knowledge and skills through the Proactive Accessibility Certification workshop series.

Interested in improving the accessibility of your course content? Request an Access Check or a Course Accessibility Review.

Have a question? Contact the Instructional Accessibility Group directly.

"Mental health disorders and learning disabilities are the most common types of disabilities students report."

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Accessibility and Accommodations