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A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a small group of faculty working together to increase their knowledge and/or skills on a topic of mutual interest. An FLC provides the structure and support for this group to discuss, share, and encourage one another to reach their full professional potential. In addition to shared learning, FLC members work on personal projects that put into practice what they are learning. Finally, the community is expected to share their knowledge and accomplishments with the wider university community. Please continue reading for Highlights From Past FLCs to get a taste of what past FLCs have accomplished. Additional general information about FLCs, including references to the scholarship supporting their effectiveness, is found here.

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The Benefits and Logistics of an Interdisciplinary Disabilities Studies Minor at MSU Denver: An Exploratory FLC

Spring 2022

MSU Denver lists “accessibility” as one of its core values and the CTLD has developed the Accessibility Competency Certification Program to help faculty and staff make classes and materials accessible. This FLC will build on that work, exploring models for an interdisciplinary disabilities studies minor that would give students and faculty the opportunity to study disability through the lenses of different disciplines. The FLC will examine different models for an interdisciplinary disabilities studies minor and explore the feasibility of building such a program at MSU Denver.

We will meet 3-4 times in spring, with meeting days/times determined by participants. Remote participation will be possible. Meetings will last about two hours.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, please contact:

Elizabeth Kleinfeld

[email protected]

Research Incubator FLC

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

The Research Incubator FLC will establish a forum where MSU Denver faculty and staff can discuss research challenges, potential collaborations, challenges, and opportunities.  The one-year FLC will focus on designing and building a system that matches complementary research skills across disciplines, fosters mentorship and collaboration, and engenders conversations about challenges commonly faced by faculty/staff engaging in research and ways to potentially address these challenges.  The FLC will include discussions specific to faculty/staff ongoing or future projects, as well as establishing an ongoing association for continued discussion in these areas.

The Research Incubator FLC is open to all faculty and staff who have a desire to work with colleagues across campus to plan, conduct, and disseminate research findings.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, please contact:

Ally Garcia

[email protected]


Kristy Lyons

[email protected]

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