Welcome to the Services Overview page. This page describes the many services that the Instructional Design group in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Design (CTLD) offers to MSU Denver instructors.

The Course Development Cycle

The Online Learning, Teaching, & Access Committee (OLTAC) selects courses to be included in a course development cycle. Instructors of selected courses may access the following CTLD services during their time in the cycle.

Course Development

The CTLD offers a wide variety of collaborative course design services as part of the development cycle. This includes support setting up general course information, such as the syllabus, course overview, and instructor introduction pages. The CTLD can also review course learning objectives to ensure they are clear, specific, measurable, and aligned to the course. Other course development services include supporting instructors in developing content, instructor presence, activities, learner interaction, and assessments. The CTLD uses PROCES, QM, and accessibility standards to review a course and quantify the improvements that are implemented during the course development cycle.

Instructional Media

Instructors can work with the CTLD media team to develop videos and graphics. Some examples of videos instructors may wish to create include an instructor introduction, course and module overviews, and lecture videos. Lectures may consist of a PowerPoint with a voiceover, or they may involve the instructor presenting and explaining the material. Some examples of graphics may include instructional infographics and decorative banners. The CTLD also offers DIY training, where one of the media professionals on the team provides one-on-one training services to an instructor.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

The CTLD can also help instructors find free, accessible resources to either replace current textbooks or supplement course materials. They can help faculty coordinate with the library or find resources online and then implement the resources within a course.

On-Demand Resources

The following services are available to all instructors at MSU Denver, regardless of whether they are currently part of a course development cycle.


The CTLD provides over 175 self-help tutorials that address many common questions that instructors encounter while using Canvas and Teams on our Ready page. These useful tutorials include short videos and detailed step-by-step instructions to help instructors build and facilitate their courses.

Virtual Support

If instructors still can’t find an answer to a question after viewing the self-help tutorials, they can access the Virtual Support service. Members of the CTLD are available to answer questions weekdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm via Teams. When instructors join the Virtual Support call, they should ensure they are logged in to their MSU Denver account and are using the Teams app. This service is intended for instructional design questions that can be resolved in about 10 to 15 minutes. For larger issues, instructors can instead submit a support ticket by emailing questions to [email protected]