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A Book Discussion where it’s OK if you didn’t read the book!

Are you eager to discuss new and thought-provoking books about teaching? Do you have a pile of books you haven’t yet had the time to read?

This informal discussion group will explore a different book or resource at each meeting. After a brief overview of the book’s main themes, we will spend most of our time engaging in informal discussion about the ideas and their implications for teaching.

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Unraveling Faculty Burnout: Pathways to Reckoning and Renewal, by Rebecca Pope-Ruark  Wed, April 12, 2:00-3:30 PM

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Unraveling Faculty Burnout book cover

Unraveling Faculty Burnout: Pathways to Reckoning and Renewal, by Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Burnout, a mental health syndrome caused by chronic stress, is endemic to higher education and can unfortunately be seen as a badge of honor in a productivity-obsessed culture. This unique book blends memoir, key research, and reflection opportunities to help not only personally address burnout, but also explore, address and find strategies to mitigate burnout.

Pope-Ruark lays out four pillars of burnout resilience for faculty members: purpose, compassion, connection, and balance. In our discussion, we will explore some of the factors that contribute to burnout and discuss productive strategies for developing balanced, meaningful workplace cultures.

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