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What is the C2 Hub?

The Classroom to Career (C2) Hub is an innovative collection of career exploration and development resources designed to help students connect their classroom learning to career ready skills and to purposefully meet the workforce needs of Colorado. The C2 Hub represents a comprehensive approach to career development by intentionally supporting the integration of experiential and preparatory activities, related to career or graduate school, in all aspects of the MSU Denver Roadrunner experience.

C2Hub Resources for Faculty

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As a faculty member at MSU Denver, we want to recognize all the ways you are engaging formally and informally with students, inside and outside of the classroom and supporting connection with partners in our community, from small non-profit organizations to large corporations. We understand that faculty members are often the first and most prominent connection point of career readiness for our students. The Classroom to Career (C2) Hub is striving to ensure that you are supported in guiding students and community partners through the numerous ways to engage in a student’s career development along their journey here at MSU Denver.

Resources and Opportunities for Faculty within the C2 Hub

Experiential Learning Support

Whether you currently teach service learning and/or internship courses or want to incorporate experiential and community engaged learning to your curriculum, the C2 Hub supports this process through service learning course designation support, internship for academic credit coordination, and by facilitating the creation of partnerships with industry and community partners.

Supporting Your Career Readiness Activities for Students

We can support you in building career readiness and skills into your course. We offer class presentations on a variety of career topics, from resume preparation, to graduate school preparation. Request a classroom presentation from our Career Engagement Team here. 

Career Catalyst Faculty Recognition

Every year we celebrate your impact on student experiential learning, graduate studies, and career preparation at the Faculty Career Catalysts Celebration. The Career Catalyst Recognition aims to elevate your commitment and dedication to student success by inviting MSU Denver students to nominate faculty members who have significantly impacted their career trajectories. 

Join Us As A Faculty Fellow

Faculty Fellowships with the Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub) are an opportunity for faculty at MSU Denver to direct and inform program offerings and strategic vision within Student Affairs. These opportunities provide a chance to dive into areas prime for academic affairs and student affairs partnership in true benefit of the student experience at MSU Denver. Fellowships are compensated, pending Dean & Chair approval, through a course release for the spring and/or fall semesters. Participation in a fellowship over summer term will be compensated through stipend. 

MSU Denver student, Kendall Tayler Whyht, in Egyptian Art class during finals week on May 3, 2023. Photo by Alyson McClaran

Don't Cancel That Class

If you have planned professional development travel, or personal and family matters to tend to, Don’t Cancel That Class is a great option for student engagement in career preparation in your course.

Student Engagement Resources

Below are some frequently asked questions that students may have about career planning and services the C2Hub offers.

Explore Student Resources

What if I don’t know what I want to do with my career?

Exploratory Advising

For students who are interested in exploring the various educational and career opportunities after completing their studies at MSU, we recommend connecting with the exploratory advising team to see what majors align with their interests. 

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Career Counseling

For students who know where their interests lie but are unsure about how to use their degree after graduation. Career exploration assessments are available for a small fee (scholarships may be available). 

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How do I get connected on campus and beyond?

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors work with students on reaching their career goals but also help get students connected to other resources and programs across campus that best align with their individual needs and interests (jobs on campus, connection to student orgs or events, supports to stay in school, etc.).  

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The COMPASS program connects students with professional mentors in their field to learn about life after graduation and working in those fields!  

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Diversity Networking Night

Workplace Equity Summit

This one-day event is an opportunity for the Auraria Campus students, staff, faculty and industry or community partners to network with one another and learn from diversity, equity and inclusion professionals about workplace equity practices.

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How do I prepare myself for finding a job or internship?

Finding a Job or Internship Opportunity

CareerLinkStudents can log in to their accounts to learn about recommended and degree aligned job/internship opportunities and schedule appointments for career counseling or job search assistance.

Career Lab – Students can use the drop-in hours to receive one-on-one support or they can email [email protected] to make an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Resume and Interview Prep

VMock – For students who want some quick feedback, they can upload a copy of their resume to VMock to receive feedback within 24 hours.

Resumes & Job Search Tips SharePoint – Students can find example resumes and cover letters, as well as general resource tips for their job search. 

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Applying for Academic Credit for Internships

Internships Webpage – Students who have found an internship and want to receive academic credit can find the step-by-step instructions to apply and our policy sheets for departments who utilize the C2Hub for their internship credit process. 

How do I access financial resources to help me engage outside the classroom?

Earn and Learn

Students participating in off-campus, unpaid internships for credit can apply for our Earn and Learn stipend to help support them financially during their internship experience!

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Student Employment Opportunities

Students can engage in work study opportunities that will aid in their skill development both on campus and off.

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Online scholarship

C2Hub Scholarship and Retention Programs

the C2Hub offers a number of scholarship and retention programs designed to help students connect to the MSU Denver community and beyond while also offering them additional funding opportunities to support their educational journey. These often require completion of the FAFSA/CASFA and completion of the MSU Denver General Scholarship Application.  

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Community & Industry Partner Resources

Below are some frequently asked questions that employers and community partners may have about connecting with MSU Denver students, posting positions, and services the C2Hub offers.

Explore Employer Resources

How does the C2 Hub connect with Industry & Community Partners?

C2 Hub’s Industry Navigators are available to facilitate partnerships with industry and community organizations. These partners are often excited to visit your class and speak to students about their experience, work, and opportunities.

How do I post a position or engage in recruiting opportunities?

We encourage partners to check out the employer-facing webpage for information about upcoming opportunities, how to best engage with Career Link to post a position or register for recruiting and networking opportunities. Employers can always email [email protected] for more immediate guidance.

How do I get involved with MSU Denver in areas beyond recruiting?

There are many ways for employer partners, community organizations, and individuals to get involved with MSU Denver. Within the C2 Hub, we have opportunities like our COMPASS Mentorship Program, the chance to speak at an event or in a classroom, and to join a career panel. Partners can engage by adding their interest and information to our Roadrunner Roster. We also have opportunities to connect with our community engaged learning programming to have a class of students and an MSU Denver faculty member engage intentionally with the work partners are doing in our community.

Are there opportunities for professional development or continued learning?

While there are multiple spaces to access opportunities for lifelong learning at MSU Denver, the Classroom to Career Hub does support community partners in professional development through our diversity recruiting resources and through MSU Denver’s “Finish What You Started” program. Our Industry Navigator team is also always interested in learning more about a partner’s need and guiding them in those next steps.

Interested in Further Resources?

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