Welcome To MSU Denver's Career Link

What is Career Link

Introduction To Career Link

Career Link is a FREE online management system. It supports MSU Denver’s work in connecting you to diverse and incredible talent pipeline. It is designed to simplify and streamline the career development and recruiting across the board, and we are updating it regularly to improve outcomes. You can:

  • Post your positions (jobs, internships, service learning and volunteer) for FREE.
  • Register for career fairs and networking events.
  • Coordinate on-campus interviews.
  • Manage your employer profile.

Get Started With Career Link

Accounts in Career Link are connected to the individual who is the affiliated with the organization, so it is recommended that each representative engaging with MSU Denver students have access to their own account.

  1. Navigate to the Employer Login page and select ‘Sign Up’. (If you are in our system regularly, you may want to bookmark this page).
  2. Find your organization by name and complete your account information. If your organization does not immediately pop up, consider other ways it may be referenced such as abbreviations or spelling out acronyms.
  3. If your organization is NOT listed, type in the full name of your organization and complete your account information.
  4. New accounts will be reviewed within 1-2 business days. Once approved, a system generated email will be sent to you with your login instructions.

Begin Posting A Job/Internship

To post a position, click into the “Position Postings” on the left section of the screen and scroll down the page a bit to see the blue “Post A Position” button.  Please fill out the form as completely and specifically as possible to target the right students and recent grads for the role. Once submitted, job postings will be reviewed for completeness within 1-2 business days. To support quick review and approval, please be sure to provide that complete and specific information.

Key Information On Job Posting

In the weeks leading up to an event, you are encouraged to post the jobs for which you are recruiting at the career event.  You are also encouraged to post jobs between career events as students regularly engage on the CareerLink platform to see what options are available.

To post a position on CareerLink: Please be sure to include salary/wage, thorough description, and application instructions.

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Get Ready To Join A Career Event

The Career Fairs section of the Events menu on Career Link will be where you can access available career events for registration.  That is also where you will find the “Modify” button to update your existing registrations with attending representative contact info, updates on positions you are specifically recruiting for at that event, and make changes to payment methods.


Check out the events being offered for students across the C2Hub!

Please use the link below to view the full event offerings from the C2Hub this semester.

Launch Into An Info Session

What is an Information Session?

An info session is a great opportunity to connect with interested students, share information about your organization or collect resumes! Employers must be actively recruiting for entry-level career-focused jobs or internships. An Information Session is a 60-minute employer-sponsored session which will have an open agenda that the employer will set.

What Is The Cost To Conduct An Information Session?

In-person Info Session:

Standard Package $250

Gov’t Nonprofit, Small Business (<100) $200


Virtual Info Session:

Standard Package $150

Gov’t Nonprofit, Small Business (<100) $100

Seminar for students, young teacher giving a lecture

How Do I Sign Up For An Info Session?

  1. Sign-in to YOUR EMPLOYER Career Link account.
  2. Under ‘Events’ on the left menu, select the type of event you would like.
  3. Click on “Now Hiring/Information Sessions” to create and ask for an Information Session. Click “Request Information Session” tab in the center of the page. Complete the required fields and click SUBMIT. **Be sure to note that you want an online Information Session.
  4. You will receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours, once we have reviewed your request.
  5. No registration is guaranteed until payment has been received, if applicable.

Let's Set Up An On-Campus Interview

Employers are welcome to request space on campus to conduct interviews on campus shortly after a career event or information session.

  • On-Campus interviews are $0 if you are interviewing within two weeks of a career event or of a tabling session.
  • If you are wanting to host on-campus interviews anytime outside of the two week mark, it will be $100 as the standard price and $50 for Gov’t, Nonprofit, Small Business (<100).


The best way to explore this option is to contact your Industry Navigator for more info. Please use the link below to connect with the navigator for your industry areas.


How Do I Pay For My Invoice?

The Invoices section of My Account will be where you access and pay invoices for engagement event registrations such as for Information Sessions.  The Personal Profile section of My Account will be where you can update your title, and change your information’s visibility to students.

Career Event Registration Fees:

Payment information is requested at the time your career event registration is submitted. Credit Cards will not be immediately processed, but will instead be processed when your registration has been reviewed and confirmed, typically within 1-2 business days from submission.  Once payment is processed, it will appear on your bank statement as from “Symplicity”.

Check payments are to be sent in advance of the event date to the Classroom to Career Hub address listed on the invoice.  If you choose to pay with a credit card after you’ve chosen to pay by check, you can “Modify” your registration in the Career Fairs section of the Events tab to add it directly, or email the event organizer who can take that information over the phone.

Please do not pay invoices at the MSU Denver eMarket link unless specifically directed to.  Nearly all event registrations are invoiced through CareerLink / Symplicity.

Info Session Registration Fees:

Upon requesting an Information Session, a confirmation email with the invoice will be sent to you which can be accessed and paid directly in your CareerLink account: Note: Until further notice we are only accepting checks for info sessions while we integrate new credit card processing with the system. We are so sorry for any inconvenience! 

  1. Log into and access your CareerLink account and navigate to the “My Account” option on the left menu.
  2. Click on the Invoices section of the menu to reveal the list of invoices affiliated with your account (scroll to the bottom of the page).
  3. Select the invoice you want to review or pay, and a blue box will appear with “Proceed with Payment” and follow the prompts.