Spring 2024 Program Applications

Earn & Learn SP24 Cohort Applications are now open!

We are thrilled to announce our SP24 applications are now live. Please use the link below to submit your application. We strongly recommend you view the info session prior to submitting as it contains important information about the application process.

Submit Your Application for Spring 2024

Please use the link below to submit your application for a spot in the Spring 2024 Earn & Learn cohort.

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Watch our Virtual Info Session for Spring 2024!

We strongly recommend viewing the info session video, as it covers some important details surrounding the program application. It’s about 8 minutes long and includes subtitles.

About Earn & Learn

About Earn & Learn

The Earn and Learn program was designed to address equity barriers within experiential learning.

This program provides funding support to both undergraduate and graduate students who are in need of financial assistance to participate in unpaid, off- campus internship opportunities.

Through Earn and Learn, MSU Denver has leveled the playing field of experiential learning and continued to provide critical financial support to our students so they can engage in career- shaping opportunities through this high-impact practice.

Earn and Learn serves cohorts of diverse students, with over 60% reporting first-generation status, spanning 33 different and dynamic majors, providing them with valuable hands-on learning support for both our traditional and nontraditional students.


Program Benefits

Program Benefits

  • Receive payment equal to (or greater than) Denver minimum wage for every hour worked of your unpaid internship, up to 150 hours per semester (as of SP24).
    • Undergraduate: $18.29/hr
    • Graduate: $19/hr
  • Gain invaluable experience as part of your field work that will set you apart and prepare you for your future career.
  • Grow professionally and personally through networking and on-the-job experiences.
  • Connect with exceptional career readiness resources to give yourself an edge in the professional world.
  • Relief from financial stress, providing the ability to reduce additional commitments and focus more on learning experiences.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Earn and Learn Program, you must:

  • Be a degree-seeking, undergraduate OR graduate student
  • Be eligible for student employment
  • Be considering an off-campus, unpaid internship for credit for Spring 2024.
  • Be within program participation limits
    • Students that have previously participated in Earn & Learn are limited to participating in 2 semesters as an undergraduate and 1 semester as a graduate.

Steps to Apply

Steps to Apply

  • Ensure that you meet the above program requirements.
  • Watch our info session at the top of the page to learn more about the program and submitting a competitive application. *Specific program details may change each semester, please reach out for greater clarification.
  • Submit your application by one of the following deadline dates for consideration:
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Important Dates - Spring 2024

  • Application Open: Oct 16, 2023 
  • Applications are due: Dec. 6, 2023 
  • Final Decisions Given: Dec 13, 2023


Here’s how Earn and Learn has impacted students’ professional development!

[Earn & Learn] helped take anxiety and worry off of my plate. It had created a way to be able to do everything such as school, internship, and work more manageable. I did not need to work extra hours at my part time job to make up for not working. It has allowed a more valuable learning experience. – Layla

Participating in the Earn and Learn program helped me to reduce my financial burden and stress while allowing me to dedicate myself more fully to the internship and my academic assignments. I felt more free from the anxiety of affording basic living necessities and was able to spend time enjoying my internship experience. – Amber

The Earn & Learn program allowed me to pay for childcare so that I could participate and focus on student teaching. At my placement, I was able to finally see what it is like to be a teacher and teach students in person. I gained so much real-world knowledge about the day to day of being a teacher. – Kelcy

Participating in the Earn and Learn Program allowed me to choose the internship that best fit my goals and challenged me rather than just choosing an internship to get the credit. I was able to invest more time into my internship and my other classes, as well as pay for some of my tuition and books. I would not have been able to take on an unpaid internship, so this program was amazing. – Michele


Questions about Earn & Learn?

Contact: Derek Bowers, MPP

Phone: (303) 615 - 1333 | Classroom to Career Hub - JSSB 320

Send Derek an email

C2 Hub Information:

  • Phone: (303) 615 – 1333
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office Location: Administration Building (AD) 270 & JSSB 320