C2Hub Scholarship Support

We provide scholarship support services which connect students to resources, foster community, and develop leadership for equitable college success, retention, and graduation outcomes.  Students who receive one of the scholarships listed below are assigned a scholarship support advisor who supports them in achieving their goals. For the students that are not part of any program, we encourage you to complete your FAFSA/CASFA, complete the MSU Denver General Scholarship Application, and review our scholarship programs below to see if you might be eligible. Read below regarding our scholarship programs.

Prospective Students

There are a variety of Scholarship Opportunities available, each with their own eligibility criteria. To maximize your financial aid opportunities or be eligible for scholarships please complete FAFSA/CASFA by March 1st. Apply via the MSU Denver General Scholarship Application, unless otherwise indicated.

Explore the drop-downs below to view available scholarships and their respective eligibility criteria. 

Interested in enrolling and learning more?

  • This is your first step on filling out what aid you might be eligible for and helps MSU Denver connect you to tuition assistance.
  • You can find links/learn more at MSU Denver Financial Aid.
  • MSU Denver staff are here to help you with the process, too. 

Scholarships for Prospective and Current Students

Current Scholar Requirements

Scholars must meet the following requirements each fall and spring semester to remain in good standing with their scholarship program and the Scholarship Support & Retention Program:  

Questions about how to access Career Link? Learn more by watching this Career Link Student Guide video, or click the help link below.


Scholar Bulletin Board

Join our Scholar Bulletin board on Teams for updates, connecting with fellow scholars, and more.

Connect with a Scholarship Advisor

Please use the link below to connect with one of our scholarship advisors for support. Your scholarship advisor will be able to meet with you in person, via email, phone, or Microsoft Teams.

Connect with Us

Scholar Experience

Scholarship Support & Retention fosters a community of scholars through leadership activities, scholar events, and professional development. All scholars will be invited to Scholarship Support & Retention-wide events ranging from Coffee Chats, to hikes, to information sessions on different campus programs, events, and initiatives.

Explore the drop-down options below to learn more about experiences in community-building and service through different scholarships. 

Scholar Experience Opportunities

Need to connect with a scholarship coach? Use the link below.

Make an Appointment with a Scholarship Coach

Classroom to Career Hub

Office: JSSB 320

Phone: 303-615-1133

Email: [email protected]