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Scholarship Support & Retention

We provide scholarship support services which connect students to resources, foster community, and develop leadership for equitable college success, retention, and graduation outcomes.  Students who receive one of the scholarships listed below are assigned a scholarship support advisor who supports them in achieving their goals. For the students that are not part of any program, we encourage you to complete your FAFSA/CASFA, complete the MSU Denver General Scholarship Application, and review our scholarship programs below to see if you might be eligible. Read below regarding our scholarship programs.


Scholar Bulletin Board

Join our Scholar Bulletin board on Teams for updates, connecting with fellow scholars, and more.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarship Support & Retention Program Requirements

Scholars must meet the following requirements each fall and spring semester to remain in good standing with their scholarship program and the Scholarship Support & Retention Program:  

Questions about how to access Career Link? Learn more on our Career Link Student Guide.  

Scholarship Advisors

Your scholarship advisor will be able to meet with you in person, via email, phone conversation, or Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Andrea headshot

Andrea Harris (She/her/hers)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation

[email protected]; 303-605-5076

To schedule an appointment, use SSC Navigate, email, or call.

Anitra Montoya

Anitra Montoya (She/her/hers/ella)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation 

[email protected]; 303-605-7941

To schedule an appointment use: SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Denisse headshot

Denisse Villalba (She/her/hers)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation

[email protected]; 303-605-7593  

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Don Holtzen (He/him/his)

Scholarships served: Gear Up

[email protected]

Gregor Mieder

Gregor Mieder (He/him/his)

Scholarships served: Dream.US

To schedule an appointment use Microsoft Bookings 

[email protected]; 303-605-5390  

j.viallobos headshot

Jasmine Villalobos (She/her/hers/ella)

Scholarships served: Dream.US and DSF Leadership

[email protected]; 303-605-7289  

To schedule an appointment use Microsoft BookingsSSC Navigateemail or call.  

Kaila headshot

Kaila Russell (She/they)

Scholarships served: Puksta, Bentley, Mapleton, and Robinson 

[email protected]; 303-605-7940 

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Kevin Disney (He/him/his)

Scholarships served: COSI MSS, Finish What You Started, Displaced Worker Program/Back to Work

[email protected]

Kevin McNulty Headshot

Kevin McNulty (He/him/his)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation

[email protected];303-605-7613

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call.  

Jake Beaudrie (He/him/his)

Senior Scholarship Advisor 

Scholarships served: Reisher and Boundless Opportunity 

[email protected] 

l.koppel headshot

Lauren Koppel (She/her/hers)

Scholarships served: Bentley and Mapleton Education Foundation

[email protected]; 303-605-5419  

To schedule an appointment use Microsoft BookingsSSC Navigate, email, or call.  

Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor (She/her/hers)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation 

[email protected]; 303-605-7858 

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Ryan Smith (They/he)

Scholarships served: Denver Scholarship Foundation, Dream.US

Begman 2

Scott Bergman (He/him/his)

Scholarships served: Reisher, COSI MSS, J&D, Boundless Opportunity; 303-605-5636 

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Arellano, Vel – Heeadshot

Vel Arellano (She/he)

Scholarships served: COSI (Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative), College Works

[email protected]; 303-605-5075

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call.

Victor Mata Headshot

Victor Mata (He/him/his/él)

Scholarships served: Dream.US

[email protected]; 303-605-5961

To schedule an appointment, use Microsoft Bookings.

Scholar Experience

Scholarship Support & Retention fosters a community of scholars through leadership activities, scholar events, and professional development. All scholars will be invited to Scholarship Support & Retention wide events ranging from Coffee Chats, to hikes, to informational sessions on different campus programs.


DSF Leadership is an opportunity for leadership, social, and emotional support for DSF Scholars at MSU Denver.  Participants utilize campus resources, participate in DSF Leadership Program Workshops & events, and receive peer mentoring.

Program Elements include:

  • A cohesive extension of DSF scholar experience
  • DSF Leadership workshops/events
  • Peer/Faculty Mentoring
  • DSF Leadership Advisory Board
  • Professional Development Funds
  • Alternative Break Program
  • Colorado Leadership Alliance

Interested in learning more or joining the Leadership Program email us at [email protected].


Alternative Break Program (ABP) exposes students to complex social and cultural issues through service, experiential learning, group discussion, and personal reflection. These are great educational opportunities for students to gain a deeper insight of social issues and become well-informed citizens. The Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) Leadership Program, Dream.US and the Reisher Scholarship fund host annual Alternative Break Programs.

To learn more about the Alternative Break Program check out the Considering the alternative from MSU Denver on Vimeo.


The Puksta Foundation promotes civic engagement among students at MSU Denver by offering scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond our campus. If you’ve got a desire to make a difference in your community, you may qualify for a Puksta scholarship. The Foundation encourages scholars to be engaged in the community and to commit time and energy to the betterment of Colorado and beyond through a project of their choosing based on their interests. We provide scholarships, mentorship, and experiential community engagement training for undergraduate students. 

Program Elements include:  

  • Monthly meetings with other Puksta scholars at MSU Denver  
  • A curriculum to better prepare you to make positive changes in your community  
  • A faculty or staff mentor  
  • Two retreats with Puksta scholars from other universities  
  • A community of support and encouragement  

Interested in learning more or applying? Email [email protected] or complete this link: 

Displaced Worker/Back to Work Grant 

Displaced Worker/Back to Work Grant 

Has your employment been impacted by COVID-19? Are you thinking about going back to school? MSU Denver can help. MSU Denver is teaming up with the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) to support displaced workers who want to finish their college degrees with scholarships and career coaching.

Interested in enrolling and learning more?

  • This is your first step on filling out what aid you might be eligible for and helps MSU Denver connect you to tuition assistance 
  • You can find links/learn more information about this here: 
  • MSU Denver staff are here to help you with the process, too 

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