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The C2Hub Student Employment and Equity team works in partnership with HR to help students with both on and off campus work opportunities. Below you’ll find helpful info on the different student employment positions offered, how to find these positions, and the next steps after you’re hired. (We can even help with getting your resume ready!)

MSU Denver student Soren Singpiel, left, works with alumna Ashley Danielle Aguilar at Lockheed Martin. Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Find a Student Employment Position

There are two ways to find student employment positions at MSU Denver.

  • If you are an existing student employee, sign in to Workday at the link below and search for positions in “Careers”


  • If you are a new student employee (or have not worked at MSU Denver in 12 months) click the link below to view our job boards, sourced from CareerLink at the link below. 

What Types of Student Employment Positions are there?

There are a variety of student employment positions both on-campus and off-campus. Some positions may require specific eligibility requirements or additional application materials. Positions can be specific to degree level, with some positions available for graduate students only.

Work Study

  • Work Study is an employment program that provides paid jobs for students who need to work to earn a portion of their education expenses. Work-study funds come from the state and federal government depending on which award you receive.
  • Work Study can be utilized in both on and off-campus jobs.

On-campus Work Study

  • Departments seeking on-campus work study student employees will note this as an eligibility criteria on their job posting.

Off-campus Work Study

  • Off-campus work study is done through approved community partners and is also indicated as eligibility criteria on their job posting.
Crystalann Archuleta, left, talks with Krystal Williams

Student Hourly

  • Student Hourly Employment is for students who will be paid from departmental, grant, or foundation funds while working in a department/office on-campus. This includes International Students who have been granted authorization to work.

Mixed-Funding Positions

  • Some positions may have mixed funding models, where students will be paid from a combination of student hourly and work study funds.
    • These funding models will impact eligibility requirements.
  • This is noted in the position description, so be sure to read closely!
MSU Denver student Arina Rakytianska, March 6, 2020.


An internship is a work-based learning experience related to your career goals and can be an important and impactful part of your career journey.

Internships can be pursued for academic credit and can have specific eligibility rules. Learn more at the link below.

Service & Community-based Learning

Service & Community-based learning combines student employment and classroom experience with a community service opportunity, allowing students to make an impact in their communities while learning valuable skills, both academically and professionally.

Explore Resources for Student Employees

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Student Resources

The C2Hub curates a variety of resources to assist, no matter where you are in your career journey. Check out the links below for resources on resume/career preparation and job/internship preparation.

Getting Started in Your Student Employment Position

Secured a student employment position? Be sure to check out HR’s getting started guide to ensure you have a swift and successful onboarding.

MSU Denver student Larrea Horner, shows Donghyau Cho, her AI art generated by DALL-E

Student Resources from HR

MSU Denver’s Student Employment Team in Human Resources (HR) provides a variety of resources to support your time in student employment. Look to these resources for payroll schedules and policy documents.

Supervisor Resources from HR

The Student Employment Team in Human Resources (HR) provides a variety to supervisors of student employees as well. Explore these resources to find support for interviewing, management, and payroll.

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Check out the events being offered for students across the C2Hub!

Please use the link below to view the full event offerings from the C2Hub this semester.

Be sure to join us each semester  for the Student Employment Job Fair to connect with departments ready to hire student employees! Learn more at the link below.

Questions about Student Employment @ MSU Denver?

Use the link below to connect with the Student Employment & Equity Team for support.

Email the Student Employment & Equity Team

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