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Fall Registration dates & times are below. Earned hours are based on credit hours completed. This does not include credit hours for Spring 2015 semester. If you have any questions please contact our office, 303-556-3991.

Class Earned Hours Registration Date & Time
Senior 120+ 11am Monday, March 30th
Senior 105-119 1pm Monday, March 30th
Senior 90-104 3pm Monday, March 30th
Junior 80-89 10am Friday, April 3rd
Junior 70-79 1pm Friday, April 3rd
Junior 60-69 3pm Friday, April 3rd
Sophomore 50-59 10am Monday, April 6th
Sophomore 40-49 1pm Monday, April 6th
Sophomore 30-39 3pm Monday, April 6th
Freshman 20-29 10am Friday, April 8th
Freshman 10-19 1pm Wednesday, April 8th
Freshman 0-9 3pm Wednesday, April 8th
Applicants A-K 10am Monday, April 13th
Applicants L-Z 1pm Monday, April 13th
New Applicants 0 10am Wednesday, April 15th

Transcripts will be $10 starting May 2015.

All transcripts--email, mail, fax, in-person--will be assessed this fee!

Having problems registering for courses?

You probably have a hold on your account:

‌Departments place holds on a student's record to prevent the student from registering for classes, ordering official transcripts, or even to prevent awarding a degree. To resolve a hold blocking your registration, contact the department indicated on the details of your hold in ConnectU.  You can also refer to our Holds page for more information.

Important Dates and Deadlines