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Finals Week is Near!

Finals are Monday, May 9th - Saturday, May 14th

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We are no longer accepting spring 2016 applications. The deadline for spring was Friday, February 12th. 

This application is required for all students anticipating on completing all of their requirements for spring 2016. If you plan on walking during spring commencement but will not complete your requirements until the next semester, you do not need to apply for graduation.
Paper applications will no longer be accepted. Applications are only done online. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions or concerns, or by phone, 303-556-3991.


Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Current students can obtain their unofficial transcript through their Student Hub. Past students and alumni cannot obtain an unofficial transcript. 

There could be several reasons you are unable to register for classes:

  • If you are noticing a “prerequisite error” you will need to contact the department of that course to resolve it. Even if you do meet the prerequisites, this error will still pop up for transfer credits.
  • If you are a current student and are below Good Academic Standing you will need to contact Academic Advising, 303-556-3680, to resolve this before registering.
  • If you are a newly admitted student and cannot register, check your admissions term and verify that it is the correct term you are trying to register for (if you were admitted for fall but are trying to register for summer, you would need to contact Admissions to adjust this, 303-556-3058).
  • You might have a hold on your account. Check the HOLDS PAGE to find out what the hold is, who to contact, and how to resolve it.

To find out what your specific hold/s are and how to lift them visit our website

  • There is a  resolution for each hold and which office to contact to get it lifted.


Students who anticipate on completing all their degree requirements must apply for graduation.

  • Graduation applications are online at scroll to the very bottom of the page and select ‘Apply for Graduation’. 
  • The deadline to apply varies with each term, you can refer to the Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines, If you miss the deadline you will need to apply for the following term.


Commencement is a separate process than receiving your diploma, this does not require an application and anyone can attend Commencement.

  • In order to receive your diploma you MUST apply for graduation for the term you anticipate on completing your requirements. 
  • First off, what is COF?
    • The College Opportunity Fund (COF) provides eligible undergraduate students with a stipend that pays for a portion of in-state tuition.
  • There are two steps to receiving COF, applying online at as well as authorizing to receive COF through your Student Hub. Once those two steps are completed you should allow up to one week for processing. If COF still does not apply after that time you most likely have an error and will need to contact the Registrar’s office to find a resolution, or call 303-556-3991.
Request Transcripts Got Holds? Courses offered by term COF Stipend