Any student who accepts and engages in employment must apply for a Social Security Number (SSN).  When you apply for on-campus employment, you will work with Human Resources to complete your onboarding. You can contact them at [email protected]. Also, make sure you update your information in Workday.

If you are an F-1 or J-1 visa holder but are not employed, you are not eligible to apply for an SSN.

To get your social security card number, gather, print, and do the following:

1. Go to the SSN application . Click “Start Application”. Follow the question prompts to apply. Take a picture of your application number or write it down. You will need it later. 

2. Get your I-94. You can get that here

3. Current I-20.

4. Your passport and visa. If you have more than one passport, bring them all. (Don’t bring a picture of your passport).  

5. An original letter from the department hiring you. Copies, scanned, or emailed letters are not allowed. Here is a template they can use, so the necessary information is included. (Template will download as word file)

6. Student body card or alternative form of photo ID.

7. Go to the Social Security Administration. You will get a ticket. Make sure you have your application number from step 1 and the above documents. The closest office to campus is: 1500 Champa St. 2ND FL SUITE 200, Denver, CO 80202 .