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First Step: Degree Progress Report

Before applying to graduate, please work with your advisor to ensure your requirements are met in the DPR. Do not apply for graduation if you have not completed your degree requirements!

Degree Progress Report Dashboard

Applying to Graduate

NOTE: Students meeting graduation requirements are not awarded automatically.

In order to be awarded a degree, you must apply for graduation (apply in the Student Hub during window listed below).

You must submit a separate graduation application for each credential you are seeking!

All Students Need to Apply to Graduate!

Submit a graduation application during the semester application window:

  • Fall graduation
    • Applications available April 13th through the last day of the Fall semester
  • Spring graduation
    • Applications available September 14th through the last day of the Spring semester
  • Summer graduation
    • Applications available February 8th through the last day of the Summer semester

Graduation Evaluation

Some information you need to know if you are planning to graduate this semester:

Graduation audits occur three times a semester.  Each audit review period takes approximately 2 weeks, and students will receive notification after each audit via the MSU-Denver email.

  • Preliminary Degree Audit (After priority deadline passes)
  • Secondary Degree Audit (After Census Date)
  • Final Degree Audit (After Final Grades Post)

Graduation FAQ