MSU Denver

Introducing The NEW Transfer Credit Portal

As a Future Roadrunner, you can now use the Transfer Credit Portal to simplify the transfer process and help you with planning your upcoming semesters.

  • Discover which previous college credits will transfer.
  • Learn how those credits will apply to your MSU Denver degree.
  • See how close you are to earning your degree.
  • Track what steps you should be completing and when.

The portal is an unofficial evaluation that will allow you to see how credits might transfer to your MSU Denver student record. After you’re admitted, you will need to request official transcripts directly from the issuing school, institution or agency. Only official transcripts are used for official transfer credit evaluations to determine how credits will transfer in to your MSU Denver student record.

Transfer Guides

Colorado community college students can follow guides for their program before transferring

Find your guide

Get started early by using these guides to make sure and take the right classes for your major and get all your credits transferred.

Using the Portal

Transfer Credit Portal FAQs

I have attended more than one institution. Do I enter my credits into the portal from each one or since I transferred all the credits into my last institution, can they all come from there?

You need to enter the original institution that the credit was earned for us to properly evaluate if your credit will transfer. After being admitted, you will be required to have a transcript for each institution attended listing those credits.


When using the Transfer Credit Portal you might see these messages along the way, here’s what they mean!

  • We do not accept transfer courses from this institution because it does not meet our accreditation standards
    • This means that the school is considered a non-transferable institution and credits are not recognized by MSU Denver.
  • Pending Review
    • This means the credit you entered wasn’t recognized by the system and may need review from MSU Denver faculty. it doesn’t mean it wont transfer it just might take a couple more steps later on to get it transferred over.
  • Credit Not Accepted
    • You must receive a C or better from an accredited institution for MSU Denver to accept the course as a transfer credit.