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To attend a class, unofficially, without receiving academic credit.

For more information on audited classes, view the Catalog.


Census Date

Census date is the last date of the registration adjustment period, 15% of the term beginning and end date.  This date is also the last day to drop full-term classes for 50% refund.


Class or Classification

The class or classification of a student is based on the total number of MSU Denver credit hours, including approved transfer credit.

  • 0-29 = Freshman classification
  • 30-59 = Sophomore classification
  • 60-89 = Junior classification
  • 90 or more = Senior classification


College Opportunity Fund (COF)

COF provides eligible undergraduate students with a stipend that pays for a portion of in-state tuition.  If you are a resident of Colorado, you must apply and authorize COF or you will pay more of your tuition bill. Apply for your stipend at or call 800-777-2757 (from 303 prefix, call 303-305-3394).



A formal commencement ceremony is held at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters. Summer graduates will attend the following Fall commencement. For commencement information, call (303) 556-6226 or visit the commencement website at



Classes that are required to be taken simultaneously with another course.


Correspondence Course

With no class meetings, correspondence courses allow students to set an independent learning pace at home. Students submit coursework to instructors via Blackboard for self-paced online classes or by postal mail for print-based classes. Depending on the format, students have six months or one year to complete a correspondence course. However, a student is technically registered ONLY during the original semester of enrollment, and is not considered a continuing student. Once course work is completed and graded, the grade will appear on the transcript for the original semester enrolled.

Course Reference Number (CRN)

5-digit number which identifies individual classes.



A number of MSU Denver academic departments have agreed to offer the same course under each department’s respective prefix. Credit is given for one prefix only.



To remove yourself from a class by the drop deadline.


Full-Time Status (Part- Time Status)

For undergraduate students: full-time status is 12 or more semester hours and half-time is six to eight semester hours; less-than half-time is five hours or less.

For graduate students: full-time status is 6 or more semester hours and half-time is at least three semester hours.



A designation on your registration file that prohibits you from adding, or dropping classes. A hold can be cleared only by the office that placed it.





Independent Study

A class in which research or creative projects are carried out under the supervision of a faculty member.


Inter-institutional Registration

Registration, while enrolled at MSU Denver, for courses at the Community College of Denver with which MSU Denver has an official agreement. Inter-institutional applications and forms must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.


Student Hub

The MSU Denver Student Hub portal is where you can obtain your records and view admissions status, financial aid status, and degree audit information.  You can also update your personal information, register for classes, pay your bill, and authorize your COF (if eligible).

Student Hub


Metro South

South Campus located at 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite L 100, Greenwood Village, Co 80111 303-721-1313.


MSU Denver ID:

A unique computer generated nine-digit number, which is used as a means of identification when accessing information from academic departments, or one of the enrollment services offices.


Mostly Online



Non-Degree Seeking

A student who is not seeking a degree from MSU Denver. These students are not eligible for financial aid.



  • Hybrid–A Hybrid class provides some instruction on the Auraria campus or another location at scheduled meetings times in a designated location. The rest of the instruction is online. There are no online fees for Hybrid classes. However, there are mandatory student fees.
  • Mostly Online–A Mostly Online class requires students to come to the Auraria Campus or go to an alternative site for exams or other activities, but instruction and most activities are online. There is an online fee per credit hour for all online classes.
  • Online–An Online class does not require students to come to the Auraria campus for any purpose, nor does it require them to go to a site where exams or other activities will be proctored. There is an online fee per credit hour for all online classes.



  • Undergraduate Students:
    • Semester hours in excess of 18 for fall or spring semester and 12 for summer semester. All overloads must be approved by the appropriate dean’s office. Approval depends on the student’s GPA at MSU Denver after completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours in residence. The minimum GPA required is 3.5 for an overload up to 21 credits in fall/spring semesters. The same minimum GPA is required for an overload up to 14 credits in summer semester. Overloads exceeding 21 credits in fall and spring and 14 credits in summer must be approved by the appropriate dean’s office on an individual basis. If you have not met these requirements, you may appeal to the dean in your major. If you are an undeclared major, you should appeal to the Dean of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
  • Graduate Students:
    • All graduate students wanting to take more than 15 credit hours for any semester needs to speak with their graduate advisor.


Part of Term

Semesters are divided into numerous beginning and ending dates.



A grading option for certain designated classes, to be used for elective credit only. You must complete a pass/fail form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar by the required deadline (see Registration Dates/Deadlines). Major, minor, general studies and other class required for a degree or for teacher licensure may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. Consult the College Catalog for specific policy requirements.


Pooled Registration

MSU Denver and CU Denver formed a common pool of classes available to students at each institution. Students must register for pooled classes through their home institution.



Course or test score which the student must have satisfactorily completed/passed prior to registering for the desired course.



Designated courses that permit you to progress at your own rate.


Time Conflict

Registration for two classes that overlap in time, regardless of length of time. Special permission to register for these classes must be requested with the academic department.


Tuition and Fees Appeal

To request for a refund of tuition and fees.


Variable Credit

Optional credit hours for the same class.



The waitlist is an automated function available from the start of registration through the first week of class.  When an opening occurs, the first person on the waitlist will be sent an email authorizing the student to register for the open seat within 24 hours. The waitlist closes at the end of the first week of classes.