If you are getting ready to graduate, congratulations!

You have three main options after you graduate.

    1. Apply for Post-Completion OPT
    2. Continue your education with another degree at MSU or another institution.
    3. Enjoy your 60-day grace period before departing the US.

Please keep our office informed on which path you are wanting to take so that we can make the process as seamless as possible.  In addition, all students must apply for graduation!


Ceremony and Certificate

International Student Support hosts an end of the semester celebration and recognition ceremony for students. If you are nearing graduation, please be sure to contact us to discuss your plans after graduating. This is a celebration independent of your diploma graduation.


Leaving MSU

In order to transfer to another institution, we require the following documents:

  • Admissions letter for new institution
  • Transfer-in form, provided by the new institution for DSO to sign.

Please be sure to know the date that you would like your record transferred in SEVIS. Please know this does NOT transfer any transcripts to the new institution. To transfer your MSU-Denver transcripts, please see: