MSU Denver

Course Delivery Types

On Campus delivery means you will only have face-to-face class sessions on campus. We offer a mix of day, night, and weekend on campus courses.

Hybrid delivery means that you will have a combination of face-to-face and online class sessions in the same course. This schedule is specific to your course so make sure you are aware of the dates that require face-to-face meetings or synchronous online learning sessions. When you are in a hybrid course, please see course notes to check the requirements for your hybrid course.

Fully online delivery means you will be taking your courses in an online format which may include both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

  • Asynchronous activities are activities, readings, assignments, videos, and other tasks required in your course that you do on your own time while meeting the expected due dates and times.
  • Synchronous activities are activities that occur with others at a scheduled time but that are accessible to you online. This means that you will use meeting software such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, and/or other platforms to communicate and meet with your class and instructor at a specified time. This may be meeting with your whole class and the instructor, meeting individually with your instructor, meeting with a group of students, or meeting with one other student in order to complete required course expectations. Synchronous learning in online education has been demonstrated to increase student outcomes, sense of community, and overall student satisfaction with online learning. When you are in an online course, please see course notes to check synchronous requirements for your online course. When you are in an online course, make sure to check the synchronous requirements for your class to make sure you understand the time and day you are required to attend via Zoom, Teams, etc. Your instructor will let you know the exact requirements when class starts.

Online Learning Expectations

Whether fully online or hybrid, online learning requires you as a student to effectively manage your time, plan ahead, communicate openly and timely, present yourself professionally, and to fully understand the expectations of your course. You need to be assertive and communicate immediately with your instructor when you have questions or need clarification in assignments. Online and hybrid course delivery options require you to be active in Canvas multiple times a week (e.g., discussion boards, presentations, assignments, peer interactions, course material, etc.), to read all emails and announcements (as they are not reinforced in face to face class), and complete all required material in the weekly modules.

Though you don’t have a physical class, you still need to schedule time for yourself to complete course assignments and learning time, not just course reading. Online does not mean less time or less rigorous. You should schedule the equivalent time of a face to face class (approx. 3 hours) each week in order to learn the course material through participation in discussion and completion of your learning modules in addition to reading, homework, and assignment time required for “out of class” time.