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Mission Statement

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Meet the DEI Team


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Tanya Greathouse, LCSW, Ph.D.

Tanya Greathouse, LCSW, Ph.D.

DEI Coordinator

Lori Darnel, JD, MSW

Lori Darnel, JD, MSW

Facilitator of Allies of Diversity and White Affinity Space

Julie Clockston, DSW, LCSW, Cert Ed

Julie Clockston, DSW, LCSW, Cert Ed

Facilitator of BIPOC Faculty and Staff Affinity Space and BIPOC Mentoring Program

Bianca Brandon

Bianca Brandon, LCSW

Facilitator of BIPOC Student Space

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Olivia Hunte, MSW

BIPOC Student Advisor and Co-Facilitator of BIPOC Spaces

Upcoming DEI Events

9:00 AM

Tuesday, September 14

REACH Awareness Training - for faculty and staff

9:00 AM

Tuesday, February 15

Department DEI Related Training - more info coming soon!

Faculty & Staff Meetings

Allies of Diversity is a processing space where members of the Department (faculty and staff) are able to discuss current events, books, movies, etc. The goals of Allies of Diversity are:

  • to increase empathy allowing for identification and implementation of equity issues
  • build capacity for members of the Department to engage in critical conversations on issues of equity and identity

For meeting information, contact Lori Darnel at [email protected]

Pedagogy & Diversity (P&D) is a workshop that welcomes all social work faculty and staff. The goals of P and D are:

  • to provide a space where faculty and staff can have candid conversations about training, education and support related to teaching and facilitating critical conversations about diversity and social justice
  • to serve as a place where individuals can discuss how issues of diversity, intersectionality and oppression influence teaching, classroom environments, student interactions and the overall campus culture and climate.
  • to deepen the capacity of individuals to explore and develop their awareness and skill to manage critical conversations.

For meeting information, contact Tanya Greathouse at [email protected]

2:00 PM

First Tuesday of the month

Allies of Diversity - contact Lori Darnel

2:00 PM

Second Tuesday of the month

Pedagogy & Diversity Meeting - contact Tanya Greathouse

Affinity Spaces

Affinity Spaces are a place where groups of people are drawn together because of shared strong interests, characteristics or engagement in a common activity. The goals of affinity spaces are:

  • Provide a space of belonging for individuals
  • The aim is to allow space for individuals to engage in reflexive, vulnerable conversations that are supportive and promote growth

For meeting information on the BIPOC Student Meeting, contact Bianca Brandon at [email protected]

For meeting information on the BIPOC Faculty and Staff Meeting, contact Julie Clockston at [email protected]

For meeting information on the White Identified Faculty and Staff Meeting, contact Lori Darnel at [email protected]

10:00 AM

First Friday of the month

BIPOC Student Meeting - contact Bianca Brandon

2:00 PM

Third Tuesday of the Month

BIPOC Faculty and Staff Meeting - contact Julie Clockston

2:00 PM

Third Tuesday of the Month

White Identified Faculty and Staff Meeting - contact Lori Darnel

University Resources

Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion

Immigrant Services Program

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Current Events

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