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MSU Denver is among the lowest tuition rates of Colorado's 4-year public universities!

Online Degrees, Scholarships, and Specialized Online Student Services
Regardless of where you’ve been, we can help you get to where you want to go. At MSU Denver, we see affordable higher education as the foundation of the American dream.

  • Nearly 80% of students work full or part time throughout the school year.
  • 46% of enrolled students receive scholarships and/or grants.

Additional Ways to Fund Your Education

Undergraduate Online Degree Programs

Our undergraduate students find their future in accessible, award-winning online degrees, minors, and certificates.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Online Degree Programs

Our graduate students reimagine their future through rigorous, relevant, affordable online master's degrees and graduate certificates.

Graduate Programs

Free Online Educational Resources (OER)

MSU Denver is committed to reducing the cost of education for our students. As an OER advocate, MSU Denver has accomplished the successful integration of OER in 46 courses and counting. Governor Jared Polis named MSU Denver’s the winner of his Zero Textbook Cost Challenge in the Programs Category for 2020.

Student Benefits

  • Cost Savings. OER are free resources, which means that students do not have to pay any extra amount for the resources and materials they need to succeed in their course(s).
  • Extended Learning. The open and free nature of OER encourages students to dive deeper and find even more resources, whether it be supplemental sources recommended by the instructor or something students find on their own. Instructors could also work collaboratively with their students to create an OER, prompting them to dig deeper and do research to benefit learners everywhere.

Comprehensive Support for Online Students

MSU Denver Online has dedicated support staff for online students. Our Online Student Services Manager connects online students with virtual student services (so you don’t have to come to campus), and resources for your distance learning success, health and well-being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MSU Denver

MSU Denver has one of the most diverse student bodies in Colorado. Diversity is one of the core values of the university and one of the pillars of the university’s Strategic Plan. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s goal is to support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of campus life through the development of initiatives that advance MSU Denver’s stated goal of becoming an anti-racist institution.

Excellent Support for Veteran’s and Military Students.

Best for Vets award iconMSU Denver has a robust Veteran and Military Student Services program and been recognized as a Best for Vets university by Military Times. Services for our veteran and military students include:

  • Assist with the student veteran transition from military to student life
  • Provide information and  assistance from the enrollment process through graduation
  • Help students maximize the use of education benefits
  • Remove barriers to retention for veteran and military students
  • Work to Inform the community about ways to support veteran/military students
  • Overall advocacy for veteran and military students
  • Resource referral


At MSU Denver, we adapt to your educational needs based on your ever-changing life. Online learning is a cornerstone of our mission to serve you where you are, how you want to learn, and when you are available. Join our learning community of resourceful, committed, and passionate students who are actively engaged with the university, faculty, and each other.


Prospective Online Students

If you have questions about a specific online program, an Online Enrollment Specialist can help.

Online Enrollment Specialist

Online Enrollment Specialist

An Online Enrollment Specialist can help find an online degree program that meets your needs and connect you with scholarships, online admissions, and registration.

The Office of Online Learning

See contact information for all members of the Office of Online Learning.


Current Students

If you are a current online student at MSU Denver be sure to utilize the comprehensive Online Student Services available to you.

Online Student Services Manager