What Is First Scholars?

MSU Denver joins 349 institutions of higher education as part of the First Scholars Network to advance the work for first-generation student success. The First Scholars Network offers a national model for scaling holistic first-generation student success by engaging and empowering institutions of higher education to radically transform the first-generation student experience, advance academic and co-curricular outcomes, and build more inclusive institutional structures. 

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First-Generation Steering Committee

As MSU Denver works to build an institutional landscape that more holistically supports first-generation student populations, a steering committee comprised of cross-campus partners was established to support first-generation student success at the institution. The steering committee will develop vision and strategy and scale co-curricular programming and initiatives that will serve first-generation students and improve student retention at MSU Denver. The Steering Committee’s tasks is to set the baseline for the campus work that is foundational level-setting through mapping and strategic document audit processes and through understanding the population being served at MSU Denver. Furthermore, the Steering Committee will develop and recommend the overarching goal which will guide all future work at MSU Denver. We want to recognize the steering committee members for their work, dedication, and support of first-generation students as they collectively work with the institution to employ strategies that foster an environment of success for first-generation students at MSU Denver.

Committee Members

  • Alicia Montoya | COSI Back to Work/Displaced Worker Coordinator
  • Alyssa Nilemo | Deputy Chief Activation Officer
  • Alyson Doty | First-Generation Student Coordinator
  • Codi Whittington | Assistant Director of Operations and Events
  • Dr. Bridget Arend | Associate Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Dr. Bridgette Coble | Director of Career Engagement
  • Dr. Christine Sheikh | Student Academic Services Specialist
  • Imani Morning | Director of Engagement, Culture and Organizational Development
  • Isaac Garcia | Assistant Director of First-Generation Initiatives, Classroom to Career Hub
  • Loretta Wahl | Assistant Dean/Director of TRIO Student Support Services
  • Dr. Megan Scherzberg | Executive Director of Orientation, Transfer and Reengagement
  • Nhi Dang | Associate Director of Equity & Racial Justice Programs, Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion
  • Sarah Goldenberg | Exploratory Advisor
  • Taylor Tackett | Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Wellness/Dean of Students

Classroom to Career Hub (C2Hub)

First-Generation Initiatives is a program within the Classroom to Career Hub.

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Classroom to Career Hub

Office: JSSB 320

Phone: 303-615-1133