Celebrate National First-Generation Day

November 8th is National First-Generation College Student Day. Within Metropolitan State University, over 59% of our student population is First-Generation. The First-Generation Initiatives Program in the CMEI are honoring First-Generation students who are paving the way for their families and friends. 

What is National First-Generation Day?

On November 8th, colleges and universities across the country recognize First-Generation students, faculty and staff. This date commemorates the day Congress approved the Higher Education Act (HEA) in 1965. The HEA legislation made critical investments in institutions and funded programs to increase the access, retention, and graduation of First-Generation, low-income students. 

MSU Denver defines a First-Generation college student as a student who comes from a family where neither of their parents/guardians obtained a four-year degree. Additionally, students whose siblings went to college are classified as First-Generation.  

During National First-Generation Day, MSU Denver’s First-Generation Initiatives Program will facilitate programs and events that highlight the awareness of First-Generation students, staff, and faculty. The community will learn about, but not limited to Imposter Syndrome and strategize ways to overcome it; the needs of First-Generation students on MSU Denver campus; how First-Generation MSU Denver Alumnae navigated their college experience; and the transition they experienced into the workplace. 

First Generation Honor Cords

First Gen Graduation

What are First-Generation Honor Cords?

“First-Generation Honors Cords,” are described as honors cords because it is truly a sign of honor to be First-Generation. You not only overcame obstacles before and during school, but you are a role model to all those in your family and community who are looking to you as the trail blazer to a new life. These cords are given to graduating students as they begin the road to their successful futures. Congratulations!

For information regarding the First-Generation Honor Cords and the First-Generation Ceremony, click the link below.


Online Guide for First-Generation College Students

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