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FE Exam Review Spring 2020

Prepare for the Fundamental of Engineering Other Disciplines Exam with the best professors on campus meeting on Saturdays from Feb. 1st through March 14th. Registration and payment are due to AES 300 by January 29th.

You will need to purchase FE Other Disciplines Review Manual (ISBN 978-1591264439) and bring it to all the sessions.

FE Review Course Flyer

FE Review Course Registration

More information about the FE Exam


We are pleased to announce that the headcount for the department is up 7% over last year. For more details about enrollment, number of majors and minors, and graduation numbers, please see About EAET

Dr. Kalla

Dr. Kalla is on sabbatical. He has recently given a presentation at the Qingdao University of Technology.

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